Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B: latest papers http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/rss.jsp?journalID=2 Latest articles for selected journal http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13840 Stochastic differential equations with non-instantaneous impulses driven by a fractional Brownian motion http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13840 Ahmed Boudaoui, Tomás Caraballo and Abdelghani Ouahab Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13843 Bifurcation and final patterns of a modified Swift-Hohenberg equation http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13843 Yuncherl Choi, Taeyoung Ha, Jongmin Han and Doo Seok Lee Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13848 Backward compact attractors for non-autonomous Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equations on unbounded channels http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13848 Yangrong Li, Renhai Wang and Jinyan Yin Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13854 On some difference equations with exponential nonlinearity http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13854 Eugenia N. Petropoulou Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13856 Risk-minimizing pricing and Esscher transform in a general non-Markovian regime-switching jump-diffusion model http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13856 Tak Kuen Siu and Yang Shen Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13858 Long-time behavior of stochastic reaction-diffusion equation with dynamical boundary condition http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=13858 Lu Yang and Meihua Yang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14006 Extinction in stochastic predator-prey population model with Allee effect on prey http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14006 Miljana Jovanović and Marija Krstić Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14007 Existence and stability of periodic oscillations of a rigid dumbbell satellite around its center of mass http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14007 Jifeng Chu, Zaitao Liang, Pedro J. Torres and Zhe Zhou Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14008 Diffusive heat transport in Budyko's energy balance climate model with a dynamic ice line http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14008 James Walsh Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14009 Boundedness in a two-species chemotaxis parabolic system with two chemicals http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14009 0,\\ & \tau v_t=\Delta v-v+w,\qquad &x\in\Omega,\,t>0,\\ &w_t=\Delta w-\xi\nabla\cdot(w\nabla z),\qquad &x\in\Omega,\,t>0,\\ & \tau z_t=\Delta z-z+u,\qquad &x\in\Omega,\,t>0, \end{aligned} \right. \end{equation*} which models the interaction between two species in presence of two chemicals, where $\chi,\,\xi\in\mathbb{R}$, $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^2$ are bounded domains with smooth boundary. It is shown that under the homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions the system possesses a unique global classical solution which is bounded whenever both $\int_\Omega u_0dx$ and $\int_\Omega w_0dx$ are appropriately small. In particular, we extend the recent results obtained by Tao and Winkler (2015, Disc. Cont. Dyn. Syst. B) to the fully parabolic case, i.e., the case of $\tau=1$. ]]> Xie Li and Yilong Wang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14010 Adaptive methods for stochastic differential equations via natural embeddings and rejection sampling with memory http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14010 Christopher Rackauckas and Qing Nie Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14011 A diffusive SIS epidemic model incorporating the media coverage impact in the heterogeneous environment http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14011 Jing Ge, Ling Lin and Lai Zhang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14012 Emergence of large population densities despite logistic growth restrictions in fully parabolic chemotaxis systems http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14012 0,\\ v_t=\Delta v -v+u, \qquad & x\in\Omega, \ t>0, \end{aligned} \right. \end{equation*} in a ball $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^n$, $n\ge 3$, with parameters $\chi>0, \rho\ge 0$ and $\mu>0$.
    By means of an argument based on a conditional quasi-energy inequality, it is firstly shown that if $\chi=1$ is fixed, then for any given $K>0$ and $T>0$ one can find radially symmetric initial data, possibly depending on $K$ and $T$, such that for arbitrary $\mu\in (0,1)$ the corresponding local-in-time classical solution $(u,v)$ satisfies \begin{equation*} \begin{aligned} u(x,t) > \frac{K}{\mu} \end{aligned} \end{equation*} with some $x\in\Omega$ and $t\in (0,T)$; in fact, this growth phenomenon is actually identified as being generic in the sense that the set of all initial data having this property is dense in the set of all suitably regular radial initial data in a certain topology.
    Secondly, turning a focus on possible effects of large chemotactic sensitivities, on the basis of the above it is shown that when $\rho\ge 0$ and $\mu>0$ are fixed, then for all $L>0, T>0$ and $\chi>\mu$ one can fix radial initial data $(u_{0,\chi}, v_{0,\chi})$ which decay in $L^\infty(\Omega)\times W^{1,\infty}(\Omega)$ as $\chi\to\infty$, and which are such that for the respective solution $(u_\chi,v_\chi)$ there exist $x\in\Omega$ and $t\in (0,T)$ fulfilling \begin{equation*} \begin{aligned} u_\chi(x,t) > L. \end{aligned} \end{equation*} ]]>
Michael Winkler Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT
http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14090 Global stability for multi-group SIR and SEIR epidemic models with age-dependent susceptibility http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14090 Jinliang Wang, Xianning Liu, Toshikazu Kuniya and Jingmei Pang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14091 Finite traveling wave solutions in a degenerate cross-diffusion model for bacterial colony with volume filling http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14091 1, l>1$. This system accounts for degenerate diffusion at the population density $n=b=0$ and $b=1$ modeling the growth of certain bacteria colony with volume filling. The existence of the finite traveling wave solutions is proven which provides partial answers to the spatial patterns of the colony. In order to overcome the difficulty of traditional phase plane analysis on higher dimension, we use Schauder fixed point theorem and shooting arguments in our paper. ]]> Lianzhang Bao and Wenjie Gao Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14092 New convergence analysis for assumed stress hybrid quadrilateral finite element method http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14092 Binjie Li, Xiaoping Xie and Shiquan Zhang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14093 The stabilized semi-implicit finite element method for the surface Allen-Cahn equation http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14093 Xufeng Xiao, Xinlong Feng and Jinyun Yuan Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14094 Asymptotic behaviour of an age and infection age structured model for the propagation of fungal diseases in plants http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14094 1$. Then using Lyapounov arguments, we prove that if $\mathcal R_0 \le 1$ the disease free stationary state is globally stable while when $\mathcal R_0>1$, the unique endemic stationary state is globally stable with respect to a suitable set of initial data. ]]> Jean-Baptiste Burie, Arnaud Ducrot and Abdoul Aziz Mbengue Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14095 LaSalle type stationary oscillation theorems for affine-periodic systems http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14095 Hongren Wang, Xue Yang, Yong Li and Xiaoyue Li Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14096 Exponential stability of solutions for retarded stochastic differential equations without dissipativity http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14096 Min Zhu, Panpan Ren and Junping Li Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14097 Minimization of carbon abatement cost: Modeling, analysis and simulation http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14097 Xiaoli Yang, Jin Liang and Bei Hu Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14098 Interaction between water and plants: Rich dynamics in a simple model http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14098 Xiaoli Wang, Junping Shi and Guohong Zhang Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14099 Existence and asymptotic stability of traveling fronts for nonlocal monostable evolution equations http://www.aimsciences.org/test_aims/journals/displayPaper.jsp?paperID=14099 0$, such that the equation has no traveling fronts for $0 < c < c^*$ and a traveling front for each $c \geq c^*$. For $c > c^*$, we will further show that the traveling front is globally asymptotic stable and is unique up to translation. If we applied to some differential equations or integro-differential equations, our results recover and/or complement a number of existing ones. ]]> Hongmei Cheng and Rong Yuan Fri, 1 Sep 2017 08:00:00 GMT