A new heuristic algorithm for laser antimissile strategy optimization
Xiangyu Gao Yong Sun
This paper presents a new heuristic algorithm for solving a class of dynamic laser antimissile problems. The main virtue of this algorithm is that it can find a satisfactory local optimal solution within allowable short time duration which is the rigid requirement in this application. Two examples are considered and solved to illustrate the effectiveness of algorithm proposed.
keywords: adjacent exchange heuristic algorithm. Laser antimissile system relative ordinal number parallel navigation
Dissipative solutions and the incompressible inviscid limits of the compressible magnetohydrodynamic system in unbounded domains
Eduard Feireisl Antonin Novotny Yongzhong Sun
We consider the compressible Navier-Stokes system coupled with the Maxwell equations governing the time evolution of the magnetic field. We introduce a relative entropy functional along with the related concept of dissipative solution. As an application of the theory, we show that for small values of the Mach number and large Reynolds number, the global in time weak (dissipative) solutions converge to the ideal MHD system describing the motion of an incompressible, inviscid, and electrically conducting fluid. The proof is based on frequency localized Strichartz estimates for the Neumann Laplacean on unbounded domains.
keywords: Compressible MHD system inviscid limit incompressible limit.
Global strong solution to the initial-boundary value problem of a 2-D Kazhikhov-Smagulov type model
Xiaoyun Cai Liangwen Liao Yongzhong Sun
We establish the global-in-time existence of strong solution to the initial-boundary value problem of a 2-D Kazhikov-Smagulov type model for incompressible nonhomogeneous fluids with mass diffusion for arbitrary size of initial data.
keywords: well-posedness mass diffusion global regularity initial-boundary value problem. Kazhikhov-Smagulov model

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