Topological pressure for the completely irregular set of birkhoff averages
Xueting Tian
Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A 2017, 37(5): 2745-2763 doi: 10.3934/dcds.2017118

It is well-known that for certain dynamical systems (satisfying specification or its variants), the set of irregular points w.r.t. a continuous function $\phi$ (i.e. points with divergent Birkhoff ergodic averages observed by $\phi$) either is empty or carries full topological entropy (or pressure, see [6,17,36,37] etc. for example). In this paper we study the set of irregular points w.r.t. a collection $D$ of finite or infinite continuous functions (that is, points with divergent Birkhoff ergodic averages simultaneously observed by all $\phi∈D$) and obtain some generalized results. As consequences, these results are suitable for systems such as mixing shifts of finite type, uniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms, repellers and $β-$shifts.

keywords: Topological entropy and topological pressure ergodic average specification property subshifts of finite type and $β$-shifts hyperbolic systems
Topological entropy of level sets of empirical measures for non-uniformly expanding maps
Xueting Tian Paulo Varandas
Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A 2017, 37(10): 5407-5431 doi: 10.3934/dcds.2017235

In this article we obtain a variational principle for saturated sets for maps with some non-uniform specification properties. More precisely, we prove that the topological entropy of saturated sets coincides with the smallest measure theoretical entropy among the invariant measures in the accumulation set. Using this fact we provide lower bounds for the topological entropy of the irregular set and the level sets in the multifractal analysis of Birkhoff averages for continuous observables. The topological entropy estimates use as tool a non-uniform specification property on topologically large sets, which we prove to hold for open classes of non-uniformly expanding maps. In particular we prove some multifractal analysis results for C1-open classes of non-uniformly expanding local diffeomorphisms and Viana maps [1,33].

keywords: Birkhoff ergodic average multifractal analysis irregular sets saturated sets
Dominated splitting and Pesin's entropy formula
Wenxiang Sun Xueting Tian
Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A 2012, 32(4): 1421-1434 doi: 10.3934/dcds.2012.32.1421
Let $M$ be a compact manifold and $f:\,M\rightarrow M$ be a $C^1$ diffeomorphism on $M$. If $\mu$ is an $f$-invariant probability measure which is absolutely continuous relative to Lebesgue measure and for $\mu$ $a.\,\,e.\,\,x\in M,$ there is a dominated splitting $T_{orb(x)}M=E\oplus F$ on its orbit $orb(x)$, then we give an estimation through Lyapunov characteristic exponents from below in Pesin's entropy formula, i.e., the metric entropy $h_\mu(f)$ satisfies $$h_{\mu}(f)\geq\int \chi(x)d\mu,$$ where $\chi(x)=\sum_{i=1}^{dim\,F(x)}\lambda_i(x)$ and $\lambda_1(x)\geq\lambda_2(x)\geq\cdots\geq\lambda_{dim\,M}(x)$ are the Lyapunov exponents at $x$ with respect to $\mu.$
    Consequently, we obtain that Pesin's entropy formula always holds for (1) volume-preserving Anosov diffeomorphisms, (2) volume-preserving partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with one-dimensional center bundle, (3) volume-preserving diffeomorphisms far away from homoclinic tangency, and (4) generic volume-preserving diffeomorphisms.
keywords: Metric entropy dominated splitting. Lyapunov exponents Pesin's entropy formula

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