A parallel space-time domain decomposition method for unsteady source inversion problems
Xiaomao Deng Xiao-Chuan Cai Jun Zou
In this paper, we propose a parallel space-time domain decomposition method for solving an unsteady source identification problem governed by the linear convection-diffusion equation. Traditional approaches require to solve repeatedly a forward parabolic system, an adjoint system and a system with respect to the unknown sources. The three systems have to be solved one after another. These sequential steps are not desirable for large scale parallel computing. A space-time restrictive additive Schwarz method is proposed for a fully implicit space-time coupled discretization scheme to recover the time-dependent pollutant source intensity functions. We show with numerical experiments that the scheme works well with noise in the observation data. More importantly it is demonstrated that the parallel space-time Schwarz preconditioner is scalable on a supercomputer with over $10^3$ processors, thus promising for large scale applications.
keywords: Domain decomposition method space-time methods parallel computation. source identification unsteady inverse problems

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