Quasiperiodic motion for the pentagram map
Valentin Ovsienko Richard Schwartz Serge Tabachnikov
Electronic Research Announcements 2009, 16(0): 1-8 doi: 10.3934/era.2009.16.1
The pentagram map is a projectively natural iteration defined on polygons, and also on a generalized notion of a polygon which we call twisted polygons. In this note we describe our recent work on the pentagram map, in which we find a Poisson structure on the space of twisted polygons and show that the pentagram map relative to this Poisson structure is completely integrable in the sense of Arnold-Liouville. For certain families of twisted polygons, such as those we call universally convex, we translate the integrability into a statement about the quasi-periodic motion of the pentagram-map orbits. We also explain how the continuous limit of the pentagram map is the classical Boussinesq equation, a completely integrable P.D.E.
keywords: polygons Poisson structre pentagram projective geometry integrability monodromy Bouissinesq equation. iteration

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