Unconditionally stable schemes for equations of thin film epitaxy
Cheng Wang Xiaoming Wang Steven M. Wise
We present unconditionally stable and convergent numerical sche- mes for gradient flows with energy of the form $ \int_\Omega( F(\nabla\phi(\x)) + \frac{\epsilon^2}{2}|\Delta\phi(\x)|^2 )$dx. The construction of the schemes involves an appropriate extension of Eyre's idea of convex-concave decomposition of the energy functional. As an application, we derive unconditionally stable and convergent schemes for epitaxial film growth models with slope selection (F(y)= 1/4(|y|2-1)2) and without slope selection (F(y)= -1/2ln(1+|y|2)). We conclude the paper with some preliminary computations that employ the proposed schemes.
keywords: energy stability long-time stability Epitaxial growth convexity splitting.
A mixed discontinuous Galerkin, convex splitting scheme for a modified Cahn-Hilliard equation and an efficient nonlinear multigrid solver
Andreas C. Aristotelous Ohannes Karakashian Steven M. Wise
In this paper we devise and analyze a mixed discontinuous Galerkin finite element method for a modified Cahn-Hilliard equation that models phase separation in diblock copolymer melts. The time discretization is based on a convex splitting of the energy of the equation. We prove that our scheme is unconditionally energy stable with respect to a spatially discrete analogue of the continuous free energy of the system, unconditionally uniquely solvable, and convergent in the natural energy norm with optimal rates. We describe an efficient nonlinear multigrid solver for advancing our semi-implicit scheme in time and conclude the paper with numerical tests confirming the predicted convergence rates and suggesting the near-optimal complexity of the solver.
keywords: convergence discontinuous Galerkin diblock copolymer symmetric interior penalty nonlinear multigrid. convex splitting Cahn-Hilliard equation energy stability
Global-in-time Gevrey regularity solution for a class of bistable gradient flows
Nan Chen Cheng Wang Steven Wise
In this paper, we prove the existence and uniqueness of a Gevrey regularity solution for a class of nonlinear bistable gradient flows, where with the energy may be decomposed into purely convex and concave parts. Example equations include certain epitaxial thin film growth models and phase field crystal models. The energy dissipation law implies a bound in the leading Sobolev norm. The polynomial structure of the nonlinear terms in the chemical potential enables us to derive a local-in-time solution with Gevrey regularity, with the existence time interval length dependent on a certain $H^m$ norm of the initial data. A detailed Sobolev estimate for the gradient equations results in a uniform-in-time-bound of that $H^m$ norm, which in turn establishes the existence of a global-in-time solution with Gevrey regularity.
keywords: Gevrey regularity solution global-in-time existence. Bistable gradient flow
A second order energy stable scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw equations
Wenbin Chen Wenqiang Feng Yuan Liu Cheng Wang Steven M. Wise

We present a second-order-in-time finite difference scheme for the Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw equations. This numerical method is uniquely solvable and unconditionally energy stable. At each time step, this scheme leads to a system of nonlinear equations that can be efficiently solved by a nonlinear multigrid solver. Owing to the energy stability, we derive an $\ell^2 (0, T; H_h^3)$ stability of the numerical scheme. To overcome the difficulty associated with the convection term $\nabla · (\phi \mathit{\boldsymbol{u}})$, we perform an $\ell^∞ (0, T; H_h^1)$ error estimate instead of the classical $\ell^∞ (0, T; \ell^2)$ one to obtain the optimal rate convergence analysis. In addition, various numerical simulations are carried out, which demonstrate the accuracy and efficiency of the proposed numerical scheme.

keywords: Cahn-Hilliard-Hele-Shaw Darcy's law convex splitting finite difference method unconditional energy stability nonlinear multigrid

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