Interest rates risk-premium and shape of the yield curve
Srdjan Stojanovic
We apply the general theory of pricing in incomplete markets, due to the author, on the problem of pricing bonds for the Hull-White stochastic interest rate model. As pricing in incomplete markets involves more market parameters than the classical theory, and as the derived risk premium is time-dependent, the proposed methodology might offer a better way for replicating different shapes of the empirically observed yield curves. For example, the so-called humped yield curve can be obtained from a normal yield curve by only increasing the investors risk aversion.
keywords: optimal pricing. yield curve risk premium Interest rate
Equity valuation under stock dilution and buy-back
Yaling Cui Srdjan D. Stojanovic
Employing and generalizing the (continuous time, incomplete market) equity valuation (and hedging) theory introduced recently by one of the authors, the effect of stock dilution and buy-back on the equity value is quantified. Both, neutral and indifference pricing methodologies are considered, and results of different levels of complexity are provided. Hedging results are provided as well. Both pricing and hedging results are obtained as special cases of the general methodology of pricing and hedging in incomplete markets recently developed by one of the authors.
keywords: Indifference pricing SDE neutral pricing equity valuation PDE.

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