On linear equivalence and Phelps codes. Addendum
Olof Heden Martin Hessler
A new class of perfect 1-error correcting binary codes, so called RRH-codes, are identified, and it is shown that every such code is linearly equivalent to a perfect code obtainable by the Phelps construction.
keywords: Phelps codes Perfect codes tilings.
On linear equivalence and Phelps codes
Olof Heden Martin Hessler
It is shown that all non-full-rank FRH-codes, a class of perfect codes we define in this paper, are linearly equivalent to perfect codes obtainable by Phelps' construction. Moreover, it is shown by an example that the class of perfect FRH-codes also contains perfect codes that are not obtainable by Phelps construction.
keywords: tilings. Perfect codes

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