Local-global aspects of (hyper)elliptic curves over (in)finite fields
Joseph H. Silverman
We survey the interaction between local and global theory for studying the arithmetic properties of curves, jacobians, and abelian varieties.
keywords: Elliptic curve abelian variety. hyperelliptic curve
Network-based analysis of a small Ebola outbreak
G. Burch Mark A. Jacobsen Karly H. Tien Joseph A. Rempa ła Grzegorz

We present a method for estimating epidemic parameters in network-based stochastic epidemic models when the total number of infections is assumed to be small. We illustrate the method by reanalyzing the data from the 2014 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Ebola outbreak described in Maganga et al. (2014).

keywords: Ebola network epidemic models configuration model branching process statistical inference

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