Periodic points of holomorphic twist maps
John Erik Fornæss
In this paper we investigate periodic orbits near a fixed point of a holomorphic twist map.
keywords: Complex dynamics symplectic maps. periodic points
Sustainable dynamical systems
John Erik Fornæss
In this paper we investigate randomly perturbed orbits. If a dynamical system is hyperbolic one can keep random perturbations from accumulating into large deviations by making small corrections. We study the converse problem. This leads naturally to the notion of sustainable orbits.
keywords: hyperbolicity Sustainability Hénon maps. complex dynamics
A quantized henon map
John Erik Fornæss Brendan Weickert
We quantize the classical Henon map on $\mathbb R^2$, obtaining a unitary map on $L^2 (\mathbb R)$ whose dynamics we study, developing analogies to the classical dynamics.
keywords: Hamiltonian. pseudodifferential operator Henon map
Infinite dimensional complex dynamics: Quasiconjugacies, localization and quantum chaos
John Erik Fornæss
We investigate complex dynamics in infinite dimensions. Such systems can be described via quasiconjugacies with finite dimensional systems. Natural examples can be found within the field of quantum chaos. We show that the dynamics localizes.
keywords: localization Complex Dynamics quantum chaos. quasiconjugacy

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