A finite element method for vibration analysis of elastic plate-plate structures
Junjiang Lai Jianguo Huang
The semi and fully discrete finite element methods are proposed for investigating vibration analysis of elastic plate-plate structures. In the space directions, the longitudinal displacements on plates are discretized by conforming linear elements, and the corresponding transverse displacements are discretized by the Morley element, leading to a semi-discrete finite element method for the problem under consideration. Applying the second order central difference to discretize the time derivative, a fully discrete scheme is obtained, and two approaches for choosing the initial functions are also introduced. The error analysis in the energy norm for the semi and fully discrete methods are established, and some numerical examples are included to validate the theoretical analysis.
keywords: Error analysis Plate-plate structures Vibration analysis
Uniform a priori estimates for elliptic and static Maxwell interface problems
Jianguo Huang Jun Zou
We present some new a priori estimates of the solutions to three-dimensional elliptic interface problems and static Maxwell interface system with variable coefficients. Different from the classical a priori estimates, the physical coefficients of the interface problems appear in these new estimates explicitly.
keywords: elliptic interface problem Maxwell interface problem. A priori estimates

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