Symmetry and asymptotic behavior of ground state solutions for schrödinger systems with linear interaction
Zhitao Zhang Haijun Luo
We study symmetry and asymptotic behavior of ground state solutions for the doubly coupled nonlinear Schrödinger elliptic system
$\left\{ {\begin{array}{*{20}{l}}{ - \Delta u + {\lambda _1}u + \kappa v = {\mu _1}{u^3} + \beta u{v^2}}&{\quad {\rm{ in}}\;\;\Omega ,}\\{ - \Delta v + {\lambda _2}v + \kappa u = {\mu _2}{v^3} + \beta {u^2}v}&{\quad {\rm{ in}}\;\;\Omega ,}\\{u = v = 0\;on\;\;\partial \Omega \;({\rm{or}}\;u,v \in {H^1}({\mathbb{R}^N})\;{\rm{as}}\;\Omega = {\mathbb{R}^N}),}&{}\end{array}} \right.$
$ N≤3, Ω\subseteq\mathbb{R}^N$
is a smooth domain. First we establish the symmetry of ground state solutions, that is, when
$ Ω$
is radially symmetric, we show that ground state solution is foliated Schwarz symmetric with respect to the same point. Moreover, ground state solutions must be radially symmetric under the condition that
$ Ω$
is a ball or the whole space
$ \mathbb{R}^N$
. Next we investigate the asymptotic behavior of positive ground state solution as
$ κ\to 0^-$
, which shows that the limiting profile is exactly a minimizer for
$ c_0$
(the minimized energy constrained on Nehari manifold corresponds to the limit systems). Finally for a system with three equations, we prove the existence of ground state solutions whose all components are nonzero.
keywords: Nonlinear elliptic system ground state solution foliated Schwarz symmetric asymptotic limits

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