The optimal control to restore the periodic property of a linear evolution system with small perturbation
Gengsheng Wang Guojie Zheng
This paper concerns an optimal control problem governed by a linear evolution system with a small perturbation in the system conductivity. The system without any perturbation is assumed to have such a periodic property that it holds a periodic solution. In general, the perturbed system dose not enjoy this periodic property again, even though the perturbation has a small norm. The goal of this research is to restore the periodic property for the system, with a small perturbation, through utilizing such a control that is optimal in certain sense. It also aims to study characteristics of such an optimal control. The existence and uniqueness of the optimal control is obtained. Furthermore, a necessary and sufficient condition for the optimal control is established.
keywords: to restore system. optimal control periodic solution Pontryagain's maximum principle
The $C$-regularized semigroup method for partial differential equations with delays
Xin Yu Guojie Zheng Chao Xu
This paper is devoted to study the abstract functional differential equation (FDE) of the following form $$\dot{u}(t)=Au(t)+\Phi u_t,$$ where $A$ generates a $C$-regularized semigroup, which is the generalization of $C_0$-semigroup and can be applied to deal with many important differential operators that the $C_0$-semigroup can not be used to. We first show that the $C$-well-posedness of a FDE is equivalent to the $\mathscr{C}$-well-posedness of an abstract Cauchy problem in a product Banach space, where the operator $\mathscr{C}$ is related with the operator $C$ and will be defined in the following text. Then, by making use of a perturbation result of $C$-regularized semigroup, a sufficient condition is provided for the $C$-well-posedness of FDEs. Moreover, an illustrative application to partial differential equation (PDE) with delay is given in the last section.
keywords: perturbation functional differential equation $C$-regularized semigroup $C$-well-posedness partial differential equation.

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