Li-Yorke chaos for dendrite maps with zero topological entropy and ω-limit sets
Ghassen Askri
Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - A 2017, 37(6): 2957-2976 doi: 10.3934/dcds.2017127

Let X be a dendrite with set of endpoints $E(X)$ closed and let $f:~X \to X$ be a continuous map with zero topological entropy. Let $P(f)$ be the set of periodic points of f and let L be an ω-limit set of f. We prove that if L is infinite then $L\cap P(f)\subset E(X)^{\prime}$, where $E(X)^{\prime}$ is the set of all accumulations points of $E(X)$. Furthermore, if $E(X)$ is countable and L is uncountable then $L\cap P(f)=\emptyset$. We also show that if $E(X)^{\prime}$ is finite and L is uncountable then there is a sequence of subdendrites $(D_k)_{k ≥ 1}$ of X and a sequence of integers $n_k ≥ 2$ satisfying the following properties. For all $k≥1$,
  1. $f^{α_k}(D_k)=D_k$ where $α_k=n_1 n_2 \dots n_k$,
  2. $\cup_{k=0}^{n_j -1}f^{k α_{j-1}}(D_{j}) \subset D_{j-1}$ for all $j≥q 2$,
  3. $L \subset \cup_{i=0}^{α_k -1}f^{i}(D_k)$,
  4. $f(L \cap f^{i}(D_k))=L\cap f^{i+1}(D_k)$ for any $ 0≤q i ≤q α_{k}-1$. In particular, $L \cap f^{i}(D_k) ≠ \emptyset$,
  5. $f^{i}(D_k)\cap f^{j}(D_k)$ has empty interior for any $ 0≤q i≠ j<α_k $.
  As a consequence, if f has a Li-Yorke pair $(x,y)$ with $ω_f(x)$ or $ω_f(y)$ uncountable then f is Li-Yorke chaotic.

keywords: Dendrite dendrite map ω-limit set periodic points Li-Yorke pair Li-Yorke chaos

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