Improved higher order poincaré inequalities on the hyperbolic space via Hardy-type remainder terms
Elvise Berchio Debdip Ganguly
The paper deals about Hardy-type inequalities associated with the following higher order Poincaré inequality: $$ \left( \frac{N-1}{2} \right)^{2(k -l)} :=\displaystyle \inf_{ u \in C^{\infty}_{0}(\mathbb{H}^{N} ) \setminus \{0\}} \qquad \frac{\int_{\mathbb{H}^{N}} |\nabla_{\mathbb{H}^{N}}^{k} u|^2 \ dv_{\mathbb{H}^{N}}}{\int_{\mathbb{H}^{N}} |\nabla_{\mathbb{H}^{N}}^{l} u|^2 \ dv_{\mathbb{H}^{N}} }, $$ where $0 \leq l < k$ are integers and $\mathbb{H}^{N}$ denotes the hyperbolic space. More precisely, we improve the Poincaré inequality associated with the above ratio by showing the existence of $k$ Hardy-type remainder terms. Furthermore, when $k = 2$ and $l = 1$ the existence of further remainder terms are provided and the sharpness of some constants is also discussed. As an application, we derive improved Rellich type inequalities on upper half space of the Euclidean space with non-standard remainder terms.
keywords: hyperbolic space Higher order Poincaré inequalities Poincaré-Hardy inequalities

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