Minimal non-hyperbolicity and index-completeness
Dawei Yang Shaobo Gan Lan Wen
We study a problem raised by Abdenur et. al. [3] that asks, for any chain transitive set $\Lambda$ of a generic diffeomorphism $f$, whether the set $I(\Lambda)$ of indices of hyperbolic periodic orbits that approach $\Lambda$ in the Hausdorff metric must be an "interval", i.e., whether $\alpha\in I(\Lambda)$ and $\beta\in I(\Lambda)$, $\alpha<\beta$, must imply $\gamma\in I(\Lambda)$ for every $\alpha<\gamma<\beta$. We prove this is indeed the case if, in addition, $f$ is $C^1$ away from homoclinic tangencies and if $\Lambda$ is a minimally non-hyperbolic set.
keywords: Dimension theory multifractal analysis. Poincaré recurrences
On the hyperbolicity of homoclinic classes
Christian Bonatti Shaobo Gan Dawei Yang
We give a sufficient criterion for the hyperbolicity of a homoclinic class. More precisely, if the homoclinic class $H(p)$ admits a partially hyperbolic splitting $T_{H(p)}M=E^s\oplus_{_<}F$, where $E^s$ is uniformly contracting and $\dim E^s= \ $ind$(p)$, and all periodic points homoclinically related with $p$ are uniformly $E^u$-expanding at the period, then $H(p)$ is hyperbolic. We also give some consequences of this result.
keywords: hyperbolic time shadowing lemma. homoclinic class

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