Linear cocycles over hyperbolic systems and criteria of conformality
Boris Kalinin Victoria Sadovskaya
In this paper, we study Hölder-continuous linear cocycles over transitive Anosov diffeomorphisms. Under various conditions of relative pinching we establish properties including existence and continuity of measurable invariant subbundles and conformal structures. We use these results to obtain criteria for cocycles to be isometric or conformal in terms of their periodic data. We show that if the return maps at the periodic points are, in a sense, conformal or isometric then so is the cocycle itself with respect to a Hölder-continuous Riemannian metric.
keywords: cocycle isometry. pinching hyperbolic system conformality periodic data
Measure rigidity beyond uniform hyperbolicity: invariant measures for cartan actions on tori
Boris Kalinin Anatole Katok
We prove that every smooth action $\a$ of $\mathbb{Z}^k,k\ge 2$, on the $(k+1)$-dimensional torus whose elements are homotopic to corresponding elements of an action $\a_0$ by hyperbolic linear maps preserves an absolutely continuous measure. This is the first known result concerning abelian groups of diffeomorphisms where existence of an invariant geometric structure is obtained from homotopy data.
    We also show that both ergodic and geometric properties of such a measure are very close to the corresponding properties of the Lebesgue measure with respect to the linear action $\a_0$.
keywords: $\mathbb{Z}^k$ actions. measure rigidity nonuniform hyperbolicity
Normal forms for non-uniform contractions
Boris Kalinin Victoria Sadovskaya

Let $f$ be a measure-preserving transformation of a Lebesgue space $(X,\mu)$ and let ${\mathscr{F}}$ be its extension to a bundle $\mathscr{E} = X \times {\mathbb{R}}^m$ by smooth fiber maps ${\mathscr{F}}_x : {\mathscr{E}}_x \to {\mathscr{E}}_{fx}$ so that the derivative of ${\mathscr{F}}$ at the zero section has negative Lyapunov exponents. We construct a measurable system of smooth coordinate changes ${\mathscr{H}}_x$ on ${\mathscr{E}}_x$ for $\mu$-a.e. $x$ so that the maps ${\mathscr{P}}_x ={\mathscr{H}}_{fx} \circ {\mathscr{F}}_x \circ {\mathscr{H}}_x^{-1}$ are sub-resonance polynomials in a finite dimensional Lie group. Our construction shows that such ${\mathscr{H}}_x$ and ${\mathscr{P}}_x$ are unique up to a sub-resonance polynomial. As a consequence, we obtain the centralizer theorem that the coordinate change $\mathscr{H}$ also conjugates any commuting extension to a polynomial extension of the same type. We apply our results to a measure-preserving diffeomorphism $f$ with a non-uniformly contracting invariant foliation $W$. We construct a measurable system of smooth coordinate changes ${\mathscr{H}}_x: W_x \to T_xW$ such that the maps ${\mathscr{H}}_{fx} \circ f \circ {\mathscr{H}}_x^{-1}$ are polynomials of sub-resonance type. Moreover, we show that for almost every leaf the coordinate changes exist at each point on the leaf and give a coherent atlas with transition maps in a finite dimensional Lie group.

keywords: Normal form contracting foliation non-uniform hyperbolicity Lyapunov exponents polynomial map homogeneous structure
Errata to "Measure rigidity beyond uniform hyperbolicity: Invariant measures for Cartan actions on tori" and "Uniqueness of large invariant measures for $\Zk$ actions with Cartan homotopy data"
Boris Kalinin Anatole Katok Federico Rodriguez Hertz
Holonomies and cohomology for cocycles over partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms
Boris Kalinin Victoria Sadovskaya
We consider group-valued cocycles over a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism which is accessible volume-preserving and center bunched. We study cocycles with values in the group of invertible continuous linear operators on a Banach space. We describe properties of holonomies for fiber bunched cocycles and establish their Hölder regularity. We also study cohomology of cocycles and its connection with holonomies. We obtain a result on regularity of a measurable conjugacy, as well as a necessary and sufficient condition for existence of a continuous conjugacy between two cocycles.
keywords: Cocycle cohomology holonomy partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism.

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