Self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of 2-designs
Dean Crnković Bernardo Gabriel Rodrigues Sanja Rukavina Loredana Simčić
Advances in Mathematics of Communications 2013, 7(2): 161-174 doi: 10.3934/amc.2013.7.161
In this paper we present a method for constructing self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of $2$-designs that admit an automorphism group $G$ which acts with orbit lengths $1$ and $w$, where $w$ divides $|G|$. This is a generalization of an earlier method proposed by Tonchev for constructing self-orthogonal codes from orbit matrices of $2$-designs with a fixed-point-free automorphism of prime order. As an illustration of our method we provide a classification of self-orthogonal codes obtained from the non-fixed parts of the orbit matrices of the symmetric $2$-$(56,11,2)$ designs, some symmetric designs $2$-$(71,15,3)$ (and their residual designs), and some non-symmetric $2$-designs, namely those with parameters $2$-$(15,3,1)$, $2$-$(25,4,1)$, $2$-$(37,4,1)$, and $2$-$(45,5,1)$, respectively with automorphisms of order $p$, where $p$ is an odd prime. We establish that the codes with parameters $[10,4,6]_3$ and $[11,4,6]_3$ are optimal two-weight codes. Further, we construct an optimal binary self-orthogonal $[16,5,8]$ code from the non-fixed part of the orbit matrix of the $2$-$(64,8,1)$ design with respect to an automorphism group of order four.
keywords: automorphism group. orbit matrix linear code 2-design
Some optimal codes related to graphs invariant under the alternating group $A_8$
Bernardo Gabriel Rodrigues
Advances in Mathematics of Communications 2011, 5(2): 339-350 doi: 10.3934/amc.2011.5.339
The alternating group $A_8$, acts as a primitive rank-3 group of degree $35$ on the set of lines of $V_4(2)$ with line stabilizer isomorphic to $2^4:(S_3 \times S_3)$ and orbits of lengths 1, 16 and 18 respectively. This action defines the unique strongly regular $(35, 16, 6, 8)$ graph. The paper examines the binary (resp. ternary) codes spanned by the rows of this graph, and its complement. We establish some properties of the codes and use the geometry of the designs and graphs to give an account on the nature of some classes of codewords, in particular those of minimum weight. Further, we show that the codes with parameters $[35, 28, 4]_2,[35, 6, 16]_2,[35, 29, 3]_2,[28, 7, 12]_2,[28, 21,4]_2, [36, 7, 16]_2, [36,29,4]_2$ and $[64, 56, 4]_2$ are all optimal. In addition, we show that the codes with parameters $[35, 13, 12]_3, [35, 22, 5]_3,[35, 14, 11]_3, [35, 21, 6]_3$ are all near-optimal for the given length and dimension.
keywords: automorphism group. optimal linear code Symmetric designs self-orthogonal codes

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