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Journal of Modern Dynamics

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Federico Rodriguez Hertz
2014, 8(3&4): i-i doi: 10.3934/jmd.2014.8.3i +[Abstract](814) +[PDF](51.8KB)
On the Brin Prize work of Artur Avila in Teichmüller dynamics and interval-exchange transformations
Giovanni Forni
2012, 6(2): 139-182 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2012.6.139 +[Abstract](1205) +[PDF](366.9KB)
Forty years of unimodal dynamics: On the occasion of Artur Avila winning the Brin Prize
Mikhail Lyubich
2012, 6(2): 183-203 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2012.6.183 +[Abstract](1330) +[PDF](307.2KB)
The 2011 Michael Brin Prize in Dynamical Systems
The Editors
2012, 6(2): i-ii doi: 10.3934/jmd.2012.6.2i +[Abstract](934) +[PDF](4673.4KB)
Counting closed geodesics in moduli space
Alex Eskin and Maryam Mirzakhani
2011, 5(1): 71-105 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2011.5.71 +[Abstract](1876) +[PDF](396.8KB)
Density of positive Lyapunov exponents for quasiperiodic SL(2, R)-cocycles in arbitrary dimension
Artur Avila
2009, 3(4): 631-636 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2009.3.631 +[Abstract](1097) +[PDF](87.4KB)
Uniform exponential growth for some SL(2, R) matrix products
Artur Avila and Thomas Roblin
2009, 3(4): 549-554 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2009.3.549 +[Abstract](1106) +[PDF](89.0KB)
On measures invariant under diagonalizable actions: the Rank-One case and the general Low-Entropy method
Manfred Einsiedler and Elon Lindenstrauss
2008, 2(1): 83-128 doi: 10.3934/jmd.2008.2.83 +[Abstract](1040) +[PDF](523.7KB)
Dmitry Dolgopyat, Giovanni Forni, Rostislav Grigorchuk, Boris Hasselblatt, Anatole Katok, Svetlana Katok, Dmitry Kleinbock, Raphaël Krikorian and Jens Marklof
2008, 2(1): i-v doi: 10.3934/jmd.2008.2.1i +[Abstract](1106) +[PDF](723.1KB)

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