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JIMO is an international journal devoted to publishing peer-reviewed, high quality, original papers on the non-trivial interplay between numerical optimization methods and practically significant problems in industry or management so as to achieve superior design, planning and/or operation. Its objective is to promote collaboration between optimization specialists, industrial practitioners and management scientists so that important practical industrial and management problems can be addressed by the use of appropriate, recent advanced optimization techniques.

It is particularly hoped that the study of these practical problems will lead to the discovery of new ideas and the development of novel methodologies in optimization.

JIMO is published by AIMS and sponsored by Curtin University and Zhejiang University.


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TOP 10 Most Read Articles in JIMO, March 2017


Supply chain inventory management via a Stackelberg equilibrium
Volume 2, Number 1,  Pages: 81 - 94,  2006

Yeong-Cheng Liou, Siegfried Schaible and Jen-Chih Yao

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Spline function smooth support vector machine for classification
Volume 3, Number 3,  Pages: 529 - 542,  2007

Yubo Yuan, Weiguo Fan and Dongmei Pu

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Cluster synchronization for linearly coupled complex networks
Volume 7, Number 1,  Pages: 87 - 101,  2011

Xiwei Liu, Tianping Chen and Wenlian Lu

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A new exact penalty function method for continuous inequality constrained optimization problems
Volume 6, Number 4,  Pages: 895 - 910,  2010

Changjun Yu, Kok Lay Teo, Liansheng Zhang and Yanqin Bai

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On second order symmetric duality in nondifferentiable multiobjective programming
Volume 5, Number 4,  Pages: 697 - 703,  2009

Xinmin Yang

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A smoothing scheme for optimization problems with Max-Min constraints
Volume 3, Number 2,  Pages: 209 - 222,  2007

X. X. Huang, Xiaoqi Yang and K. L. Teo

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Time delayed optimal control problems with multiple characteristic time points: Computation and industrial applications
Volume 5, Number 4,  Pages: 705 - 718,  2009

Ling Yun Wang, Wei Hua Gui, Kok Lay Teo, Ryan Loxton and Chun Hua Yang

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Human resource management using working time accounts with expiry of hours
Volume 5, Number 3,  Pages: 569 - 584,  2009

Albert Corominas, Amaia Lusa and Rafael Pastor

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Optimal control of piecewise affine systems with piecewise affine state feedback
Volume 5, Number 4,  Pages: 737 - 747,  2009

Changzhi Wu, Kok Lay Teo and Volker Rehbock

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A penalty function algorithm with objective parameters for nonlinear mathematical programming
Volume 5, Number 3,  Pages: 585 - 601,  2009

Zhiqing Meng, Qiying Hu and Chuangyin Dang

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