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The Journal of Dynamics and Games (JDG) is an applied mathematics journal that publishes high quality peer-review and expository papers at the interface of Dynamical Systems (discrete, continuous, deterministic, or stochastic) and Game Theory.

It is devoted to the development and the diffusion of mathematical ideas and techniques that arise from the analysis and the modelling of systems where agents (whether they be rational players, markets, plants, animals, ecosystems, communication systems, etc) interact dynamically over time.

Papers should either be motivated by challenging mathematical questions occurring in such systems or provide a rigorous mathematical analysis of models where tools from dynamics and games prove to be useful.

Areas covered include dynamic games, stochastic games, differential games, evolutionary games, models of learning and evolution, repeated games, mean field models, voting, auctions, matching, assignment games and other research areas of cooperative and non-cooperative game theory, preferentially where dynamics play a role, as well as the associated applications in social, economic, life, physical and computer sciences.

Given the broad scope of the journal, authors are encouraged to include introductory material to make the papers understandable and accessible to a wide readership. The research work must be original and the main criterion for acceptance is the scientific relevance and impact of the contribution.

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The submissions to JDG regular issues are done by email to the editors in chief or directly to one of the editors. The authors should ask for an email from the editors in chief confirming the reception of the paper.

The Journal of Dynamics and Games is pleased to invite paper submissions for Matching: Theory and Applications, a Special Issue dedicated to Marilda Sotomayor on the occasion of her 70th birthday.
Submission deadline: February 28, 2015.
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Invited Editors:
Ahmet Alkan
Sabancı University, Turkey
Email: alkan@sabanciuniv.edu
Jesús David Pérez Castrillo
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain
Email: David.Perez@uab.cat
Myrna Wooders
Vanderbilt University, USA
Email: myrna.wooders@vanderbilt.edu
John Wooders
University of Technology, Australia
Email: John.Wooders@uts.edu.au

The Journal of Dynamics and Games is pleased to invite paper submissions for a Special Issue on the UECE Lisbon Meetings which take place November 6-8, 2014.
Submission deadline: February 28, 2015.
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Invited Editors:
Rabah Amir
University of Iowa, USA
Email: rabah-amir@uiowa.edu
Gabrielle Demange
Paris School of Economics, France
Email: demange@pse.ens.fr
Filomena Garcia
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Email: fgarcia@iseg.utl.pt
Joana Pais
University of Lisbon, Portugal
Email: jpais@iseg.utl.pt
Frank H. Page
Indiana University, USA
Email: fpage@indiana.edu

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TOP 10 Most Read Articles in JDG, August 2015


Optimal control indicators for the assessment of the influence of government policy to business cycle shocks
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 79 - 104,  2013

John Leventides and Iraklis Kollias

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


On the Euler equation approach to discrete--time nonstationary optimal control problems
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 57 - 78,  2013

David González-Sánchez and Onésimo Hernández-Lerma

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Dynamics of human decisions
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 121 - 151,  2013

Renato Soeiro, Abdelrahim Mousa, Tânia R. Oliveira and Alberto A. Pinto

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Collective attention and ranking methods
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 17 - 43,  2013

Gabrielle Demange

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Bio-inspired paradigms in network engineering games
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 1 - 15,  2013

Eitan Altman

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


A strategic market game approach for the private provision of public goods
Volume 1, Number 2,  Pages: 283 - 298,  2014

Marta Faias, Emma Moreno-García and Myrna Wooders

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Approachability, regret and calibration: Implications and equivalences
Volume 1, Number 2,  Pages: 181 - 254,  2014

Vianney Perchet

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Structure of approximate solutions of dynamic continuous time zero-sum games
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 153 - 179,  2013

Alexander J. Zaslavski

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Tail probabilities for triangular arrays
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 45 - 56,  2013

Drew Fudenberg and David K. Levine

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Average optimal strategies for zero-sum Markov games with poorly known payoff function on one side
Volume 1, Number 1,  Pages: 105 - 119,  2013

Fernando Luque-Vásquez and J. Adolfo Minjárez-Sosa

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles

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