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Advances in Mathematics of Communications (AMC) publishes original research papers of the highest quality in all areas of mathematics and computer science which are relevant to applications in communications technology. For this reason, submissions from many areas of mathematics are invited, provided these show a high level of originality, new techniques, an innovative approach, novel methodologies, or otherwise a high level of depth and sophistication. Any work that does not conform to these standards will be rejected.

Areas covered include coding theory, cryptology, combinatorics, finite geometry, algebra and number theory, but are not restricted to these. This journal also aims to cover the algorithmic and computational aspects of these disciplines. Hence, all mathematics and computer science contributions of appropriate depth and relevance to the above mentioned applications in communications technology are welcome.

More detailed indication of the journal's scope is given by the subject interests of the members of the board of editors.

All papers will undergo a thorough peer reviewing process unless the subject matter of the paper does not fit the journal; in this case, the author will be informed promptly. Every effort will be made to secure a decision in three months and to publish accepted papers within six months.

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  • Publishes 4 issues a year in February, May, August and November.
  • Publishes online only.
  • Indexed in Science Citation Index E, CompuMath Citation Index, Current Contents/Physics, Chemical, & Earth Sciences, INSPEC, Mathematical Reviews, MathSciNet, PASCAL/CNRS, Scopus, Web of Science and Zentralblatt MATH.
  • Archived in Portico and CLOCKSS.
  • Shandong University is a founding institution of AMC.
  • AMC is a publication of the American Institute of Mathematical Sciences. All rights reserved.

TOP 10 Most Read Articles in AMC, October 2017


Additive cyclic codes over $\mathbb F_4$
Volume 2, Number 3,  Pages: 309 - 343,  2008

W. Cary Huffman

 Abstract       Full Text      Related Articles


Weierstrass semigroup and codes over the curve $y^q + y = x^{q^r + 1}$
Volume 8, Number 1,  Pages: 67 - 72,  2014

Alonso Sepúlveda and Guilherme Tizziotti

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Heuristics of the Cocks-Pinch method
Volume 8, Number 1,  Pages: 103 - 118,  2014

Min Sha

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Ideal forms of Coppersmith's theorem and Guruswami-Sudan list decoding
Volume 9, Number 3,  Pages: 311 - 339,  2015

Henry Cohn and Nadia Heninger

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Self-dual $\mathbb{F}_q$-linear $\mathbb{F}_{q^t}$-codes with an automorphism of prime order
Volume 7, Number 1,  Pages: 57 - 90,  2013

W. Cary Huffman

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Self-dual [62, 31, 12] and [64, 32, 12] codes with an automorphism of order 7
Volume 8, Number 1,  Pages: 73 - 81,  2014

Nikolay Yankov

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Sets of zero-difference balanced functions and their applications
Volume 8, Number 1,  Pages: 83 - 101,  2014

Qi Wang and Yue Zhou

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


On multi-trial Forney-Kovalev decoding of concatenated codes
Volume 8, Number 1,  Pages: 1 - 20,  2014

Anas Chaaban, Vladimir Sidorenko and Christian Senger

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles


Generalized AG convolutional codes
Volume 3, Number 4,  Pages: 317 - 328,  2009

José Ignacio Iglesias Curto

 Abstract       Full Text      Related Articles


The weight distributions of some irreducible cyclic codes of length $p^n$ and $2p^n$
Volume 9, Number 3,  Pages: 277 - 289,  2015

Pankaj Kumar, Monika Sangwan and Suresh Kumar Arora

 Abstract       References       Full Text      Related Articles

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