Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering

Volume: 8, Number: 1, January 2011
Special Issue on
Mathematical Models, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from the 2009 A/H1N1 Influenza Pandemic

Table of Contents:
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Pages : i - vi
Carlos Castillo-Chavez and Gerardo Chowell
Pandemic influenza: Modelling and public health perspectives
Pages : 1 - 20
Julien Arino,  Chris Bauch,  Fred Brauer,  S. Michelle Driedger,  Amy L. Greer,  S.M. Moghadas,  Nick J. Pizzi,  Beate Sander,  Ashleigh Tuite,  P. van den Driessche,  James Watmough,  Jianhong Wu and Ping Yan
Multiple outbreaks for the same pandemic: Local transportation and social distancing explain the different "waves" of A-H1N1pdm cases observed in México during 2009
Pages : 21 - 48
Marco Arieli Herrera-Valdez,  Maytee Cruz-Aponte and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
Joint quantification of transmission dynamics and diagnostic accuracy applied to influenza
Pages : 49 - 64
Hiroshi Nishiura
Pandemic mitigation: Bringing it home
Pages : 65 - 76
Tom Reichert
The impact of vaccines and vaccinations: Challenges and opportunities for modelers
Pages : 77 - 93
Roy Curtiss III
Prioritization of delayed vaccination for pandemic influenza
Pages : 95 - 112
Eunha Shim
Evaluation of vaccination strategies during pandemic outbreaks
Pages : 113 - 122
Christopher S. Bowman,  Julien Arino and S.M. Moghadas
Modelling the strategies for age specific vaccination scheduling during influenza pandemic outbreaks
Pages : 123 - 139
Diána H. Knipl and Gergely Röst
Modeling control strategies for concurrent epidemics of seasonal and pandemic H1N1 influenza
Pages : 141 - 170
Olivia Prosper,  Omar Saucedo,  Doria Thompson,  Griselle Torres-Garcia,  Xiaohong Wang and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
A note on the use of influenza vaccination strategies when supply is limited
Pages : 171 - 182
Sunmi Lee,  Romarie Morales and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
A note on the use of optimal control on a discrete time model of influenza dynamics
Pages : 183 - 197
Paula A. González-Parra,  Sunmi Lee,  Leticia Velázquez and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
Epidemic spread of influenza viruses: The impact of transient populations on disease dynamics
Pages : 199 - 222
Karen R. Ríos-Soto,  Baojun Song and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
A perspective on the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza pandemic in Mexico
Pages : 223 - 238
Rodolfo Acuňa-Soto,  Luis Castaňeda-Davila and Gerardo Chowell