Kinetic and Related Models

Volume: 2, Number: 3, September 2009

Table of Contents:
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Mixed high field and diffusion asymptotics for the fermionic Boltzmann equation
Pages : 403 - 424
Naoufel Ben Abdallah and Hédia Chaker
Identification of photon sources, stochastically embedded in an interstellar cloud
Pages : 425 - 432
S. Aiello,  Luigi Barletti and Aldo Belleni-Morante
The quasi-invariant limit for a kinetic model of sociological collective behavior
Pages : 433 - 449
Laurent Boudin and Francesco Salvarani
Particle approximation of some Landau equations
Pages : 451 - 464
Nicolas Fournier
On long-time behavior of monocharged and neutral plasma in one and one-half dimensions
Pages : 465 - 488
Robert Glassey,  Stephen Pankavich and Jack Schaeffer
A smooth model for fiber lay-down processes and its diffusion approximations
Pages : 489 - 502
Michael Herty,  Axel Klar,  Sébastien Motsch and Ferdinand Olawsky
A local existence result for a plasma physics model containing a fully coupled magnetic field
Pages : 503 - 520
Martin Seehafer
Nonlinear stability of boundary layer solutions for generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burgers equation in the half space
Pages : 521 - 550
Hui Yin and Huijiang Zhao