Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (MBE)

Stochastic modelling of PTEN regulation in brain tumors: A model for glioblastoma multiforme
Pages: 965 - 981, Issue 5, October 2015

doi:10.3934/mbe.2015.12.965      Abstract        References        Full text (721.6K)           Related Articles

Margherita Carletti - Department DISBEF, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy (email)
Matteo Montani - Department DISBEF, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy (email)
Valentina Meschini - Department DISBEF, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", and Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy (email)
Marzia Bianchi - Department DISB, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy (email)
Lucia Radici - Department DISB, University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Italy (email)

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