Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B (DCDS-B)

Inside dynamics of solutions of integro-differential equations
Pages: 3057 - 3085, Issue 10, December 2014

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Olivier Bonnefon - INRA, UR 546 Biostatistique et Processus Spatiaux (BioSP), F-84914 Avignon, France (email)
Jérôme Coville - INRA, UR 546 Biostatistique et Processus Spatiaux (BioSP), F-84914 Avignon, France (email)
Jimmy Garnier - INRA, UR 546 Biostatistique et Processus Spatiaux (BioSP), F-84914 Avignon, France (email)
Lionel Roques - INRA, UR 546 Biostatistique et Processus Spatiaux (BioSP), F-84914 Avignon, France (email)

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