Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series B (DCDS-B)

KdV theory and the Chilean tsunami of 1960

Pages: 623 - 632, Volume 12, Issue 3, October 2009      doi:10.3934/dcdsb.2009.12.623

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Raphael Stuhlmeier - Fakultät für Mathematik, University of Vienna, Nordbergstr. 15, 1090 Vienna, Austria (email)

Abstract: We investigate the Chilean tsunami of 1960 to determine the role of KdV dynamics. On the basis of the scales involved, and making use of recent advances, we put on a rigorous foundation the fact that KdV dynamics were not influential in this catastrophic event.

Keywords:  Tsunami, Korteweg de-Vries equation.
Mathematics Subject Classification:  35Q51, 76D33.

Received: May 2009;      Revised: June 2009;      Available Online: July 2009.