Networks and Heterogeneous Media (NHM)

Adaptive and non-adaptive model predictive control of an irrigation channel

Pages: 303 - 324, Volume 4, Issue 2, June 2009      doi:10.3934/nhm.2009.4.303

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João M. Lemos - INESC-ID/IST/UTL, R. Alves Redol 9, 1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal (email)
Fernando Machado - INESC-ID, R. Alves Redol 9, 1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal (email)
Nuno Nogueira - INESC-ID, R. Alves Redol 9, 1000-029 Lisboa, Portugal (email)
Luís Rato - Departamento de Informática, Universidade de Évora, Rua Romão Ramalho 59, 7000-671 Évora, Portugal (email)
Manuel Rijo - Núcleo de Hidráulica e Controlo de Canais, Universidade de Évora, Pólo da Mitra, Apartado 94, 7002-554 Évora, Portugal (email)

Abstract: The performance achieved with both adaptive and non-adaptive Model Predictive Control (MPC) when applied to a pilot irrigation channel is evaluated. Several control structures are considered, corresponding to various degrees of centralization of sensor information, ranging from local upstream control of the different channel pools to multivariable control using only proximal pools, and centralized multivariable control relying on a global channel model. In addition to the non-adaptive version, an adaptive MPC algorithm based on redundantly estimated multiple models is considered and tested with and without feedforward of adjacent pool levels, both for upstream and downstream control. In order to establish a baseline, the results of upstream and local PID controllers are included for comparison. A systematic simulation study of the performances of these controllers, both for disturbance rejection and reference tracking is shown.

Keywords:  Control, Predictive Control, Adaptive Control, Irrigation Channels.
Mathematics Subject Classification:  Primary: 93C83, 93C95; Secondary: 93C40, 93A14.

Received: October 2008;      Revised: February 2009;      Available Online: June 2009.