Journal of Modern Dynamics (JMD)

Fifty years of entropy in dynamics: 1958--2007

Pages: 545 - 596, Issue 4, October 2007      doi:10.3934/jmd.2007.1.545

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Anatole Katok - Department of Mathematics, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802, United States (email)

Abstract: These notes combine an analysis of what the author considers (admittedly subjectively) as the most important trends and developments related to the notion of entropy, with information of more “historical” nature including allusions to certain episodes and discussion of attitudes and contributions of various participants. I directly participated in many of those developments for the last forty three or forty four years of the fifty-year period under discussion and on numerous occasions was fairly close to the center of action. Thus, there is also an element of personal recollections with all attendant peculiarities of this genre.

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Keywords:  Entropy.
Mathematics Subject Classification:  Primary: 37-03, Secondary: 01A60.

Received: April 2007;      Available Online: July 2007.