Electronic Research Announcements in Mathematical Sciences (ERA-MS)
Table of Contents:
Author(s): Richard Evan Schwartz
Pages : 1 - 6

Research announcement: unbounded orbits for outer billiards

Author(s): Kanghui Guo and Demetrio Labate
Pages : 7 - 19

Sparse shearlet representation of Fourier integral operators

Author(s): Viktor L. Ginzburg and Basak Z. Gurel
Pages : 20 - 29

The Generalized Weinstein--Moser Theorem

Author(s): Keizo Hasegawa
Pages : 30 - 34

Complex moduli and pseudo-Kahler structures on three-dimensional compact complex solvmanifolds

Author(s): Steven G. Krantz and Marco M. Peloso
Pages : 35 - 41

New results on the Bergman kernel of the worm domain in complex space

Author(s): Shiri Artstein-Avidan and Vitali Milman
Pages : 42 - 59

A characterization of the concept of duality

Author(s): Fabrizio Colombo, Graziano Gentili, Irene Sabadini and Daniele C. Struppa
Pages : 60 - 68

A functional calculus in a noncommutative setting

Author(s): Jungkai A. Chen and Meng Chen
Pages : 69 - 73

On projective threefolds of general type

Author(s): F. Rodriguez Hertz, M. A. Rodriguez Hertz, A. Tahzibi and R. Ures
Pages : 74 - 81

A criterion for ergodicity for non-uniformly hyperbolic diffeomorphisms