Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering (MBE)

Volume 1,Number 2,     September 2004


Stoichiometric Plant-Herbivore Models and Their Interpretation    Pages : 215 - 222

Yang Kuang,  Jef Huisman and James J. Elser

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Dynamic Multidrug Therapies for HIV: Optimal and STI Control Approaches    Pages : 223 - 241

B. M. Adams,  H. T. Banks,  Hee-Dae Kwon and Hien T. Tran

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Coalgebraic Structure of Genetic Inheritance    Pages : 243 - 266

Jianjun Tian and Bai-Lian Li

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An Age-Structured Model of HIV Infection that Allows for Variations in the Production Rate of Viral Particles and the Death Rate of Productively Infected Cells    Pages : 267 - 288

Patrick W. Nelson,  Michael A. Gilchrist,  Daniel Coombs,  James M. Hyman and Alan S. Perelson

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A General Mathematical Method for Investigating the Thymic Microenvironment, Thymocyte Development, and Immunopathogenesis    Pages : 289 - 305

Guanyu Wang and Gerhard R. F. Krueger

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Complex Behavior in a Discrete Coupled Logistic Model for the Symbiotic Interaction of Two Species    Pages : 307 - 324

Ricardo López-Ruiz and Danièle Fournier-Prunaret

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A Mathematical Model of Receptor-Mediated Apoptosis: Dying to Know Why FasL is a Trimer    Pages : 325 - 338

Ronald Lai and Trachette L. Jackson

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Synchronization between two Hele-Shaw Cells    Pages : 339 - 346

A. Bernardini,  J. Bragard and H. Mancini

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Communication and Synchronization in Disconnected Networks with Dynamic Topology: Moving Neighborhood Networks    Pages : 347 - 359

Joseph D. Skufca and Erik M. Bollt

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Dynamical Models of Tuberculosis and Their Applications    Pages : 361 - 404

Carlos Castillo-Chavez and Baojun Song

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