Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S (DCDS-S)

Proposals for dedicated Theme Issues

DCDS-S publishes collections of articles forming dedicated Theme Issues. Occasionally, proposals of an important current topic, which is also the main theme of a high quality workshop/meeting, can also be considered.

Proposals for Theme Issues are welcomed for consideration by the Editorial Committee, and a Theme Proposal Form is available from the Editorial Office. Please note that most proposed authors must have agreed to contribute before the Theme Issue proposal is proved.

Once a proposal is approved, the Theme Organizers (guest editors) will usually contact the contributors to communicate to them a submission deadline agreed with the Editorial Committee. Authors should submit their papers via email directly to the Theme Organizers by this date, and the Theme Organizers will manage the review process for these papers. The Theme Organizers are then responsible for communicating any necessary revisions to the authors, and for supplying finalized files to the Editorial Office by the finalization deadline agreed with the Editorial Office.

Theme organizers may wish to consider our Theme Issue Guideline for suggestions on how a Theme Issue should be constructed.