The Journal of Geometric Mechanics (JGM)

Some guidelines for editors in handling papers for the Journal of Geometric Mechanics are:

1.   Every submission will be acknowledged within a short period of time. The acknowledgment will provide the author(s) with an expected time for an update on the paper's status.
2.   Submissions that are judged unsuitable for publication without being refereed will be declined in a timely fashion and with an explanation of why the paper has not been sent out for review.
3.   An editor will write to the referee near the target date for a report in order to ask for a new target date. If a decision has not been made 6 months after submission, the editor will write to the author(s) to explain the reasons for delay.
4.   All referee reports will be acknowledged.
5.   Editors are expected to follow the usual ethical guidelines, treating all potential authors with reasonable professional courtesy, responding promptly to submissions, and making decisions based on the merit of the paper.