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Volume 1, 2018

Mathematical Foundations of Computing

August 2018 , Volume 1 , Issue 3

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Influence analysis: A survey of the state-of-the-art
Meng Han and Yingshu Li
2018, 1(3): 201-253 doi: 10.3934/mfc.2018010 +[Abstract](1842) +[HTML](1213) +[PDF](2792.87KB)
Total $\{k\}$-domination in special graphs
Haisheng Tan, Liuyan Liu and Hongyu Liang
2018, 1(3): 255-263 doi: 10.3934/mfc.2018011 +[Abstract](631) +[HTML](416) +[PDF](337.78KB)
Discrete heat transfer search for solving travelling salesman problem
Poonam Savsani and Mohamed A. Tawhid
2018, 1(3): 265-280 doi: 10.3934/mfc.2018012 +[Abstract](889) +[HTML](957) +[PDF](865.09KB)
Improve symmetry of arbiter in APUF
Yang Xu, Huansheng Ning, Lingfeng Mao, Youzhong Li and Lijun Zhang
2018, 1(3): 281-294 doi: 10.3934/mfc.2018013 +[Abstract](823) +[HTML](557) +[PDF](1737.1KB)
A real-time aggregate data publishing scheme with adaptive ω-event differential privacy
Chengtao Yong, Yan Huo, Chunqiang Hu, Yanfei Lu and Guanlin Jing
2018, 1(3): 295-309 doi: 10.3934/mfc.2018014 +[Abstract](720) +[HTML](568) +[PDF](1304.61KB)




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