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Evolution Equations & Control Theory

September 2015 , Volume 4 , Issue 3

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Quasi-stability and global attractor in nonlinear thermoelastic diffusion plate with memory
Moncef Aouadi and Alain Miranville
2015, 4(3): 241-263 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.241 +[Abstract](1065) +[PDF](540.7KB)
Energy stability for thermo-viscous fluids with a fading memory heat flux
Giovambattista Amendola, Mauro Fabrizio, John Murrough Golden and Adele Manes
2015, 4(3): 265-279 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.265 +[Abstract](852) +[PDF](370.4KB)
Null controllability with constraints on the state for the 1-D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Peng Gao
2015, 4(3): 281-296 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.281 +[Abstract](1045) +[PDF](450.4KB)
An Ingham--Müntz type theorem and simultaneous observation problems
Vilmos Komornik and Gérald Tenenbaum
2015, 4(3): 297-314 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.297 +[Abstract](782) +[PDF](416.8KB)
Cauchy problem for a sixth order Cahn-Hilliard type equation with inertial term
Aibo Liu and Changchun Liu
2015, 4(3): 315-324 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.315 +[Abstract](1303) +[PDF](369.8KB)
Exact internal controllability for the wave equation in a domain with oscillating boundary with Neumann boundary condition
Umberto De Maio, Akamabadath K. Nandakumaran and Carmen Perugia
2015, 4(3): 325-346 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.325 +[Abstract](1302) +[PDF](519.4KB)
A backward uniqueness result for the wave equation with absorbing boundary conditions
Michael Renardy
2015, 4(3): 347-353 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.347 +[Abstract](858) +[PDF](312.1KB)
A note on global well-posedness and blow-up of some semilinear evolution equations
Tarek Saanouni
2015, 4(3): 355-372 doi: 10.3934/eect.2015.4.355 +[Abstract](1091) +[PDF](504.7KB)

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