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Volume 3, 2016

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Volume 1, 2014

Journal of Computational Dynamics

Call for papers

Special Issue of the Journal of Computational Dynamics on
"Novel computational approaches and their applications"

edited by:
Bernd Krauskopf (University of Auckland, NZ) <>
Carlo Laing (Massey University Albany, NZ) <>

Closing date for submissions: 30 September 2019

This special issue aims to showcase recent advances in the development of numerical methods for dynamical systems and how these can be employed in the study of models arising in applications. We encourage the submission of papers presenting new computational approaches for different types of dynamical systems — including, but not limited to, ODEs, PDEs, systems with delays, multiple-timescales and/or stochasticity — as well as case studies of their effective use in specific application contexts. 

The editors are keen to facilitate a degree of cohesiveness of the special issue and will be happy to discuss possible contributions at any stage. Interested authors are encouraged to send an email, at their earliest convenience, with some details of their suggested contributions. Please include a tentative title and a brief abstract.

Robert McLachlan
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Computational Dynamics



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