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Volume 9, 2019

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Volume 7, 2017

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Volume 5, 2015

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Volume 1, 2011

Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization

Editorial Board

Editors in Chief

Kok Lay Teo

Curtin University, Australia

Optimal control and optimization; computation and applications

Yongzhong Song

Nanjing Normal University, China

Numerical algebra

Song Wang

Curtin University, Australia

Computational optimization and optimal control, computational finance, numerical PDEs

Shuhua Zhang

Tianjin University, Tianjin, China

Numerical control; optimization

Honorary Editor

Wenyu Sun

Nanjing Normal University, China

Linear and nonlinear programming; semidefinite programming; numerical optimization, nonsmooth optimization

Editorial Board

Samir Adly

University of Limoges, France

Optimization; complementarity problems; variational inequalities; optimal control; nonsmooth analysis; variational analysis

Tobias Breiten

Institute for Mathematics and Scientific Computing, University of Graz, Austria

Model reduction; control theory

Lou Caccetta

Curtin University, Australia

Combinatorial optimization

Steve Campbell

North Carolina State University, USA

Optimal control, simulation, control of constrained systems; numerical methods

Xiao-Wen Chang

McGill University, Canada

Least square methods; matrix factorizations; perturbation analysis

Yuhong Dai

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), China

Nonlinear optimization and applications

Iain S. Duff

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

Numerical linear algebra, sparse matrices, parallel computing, mathematical software

Shu-Cherng Fang

North Carolina State University, USA

Linear optimization; nonlinear optimization; global optimization; binary integer programming

Masao Fukushima

Nanzan University, Japan

Nonlinear programming; variational inequalities; complementarity problem

Alexander Gornov

Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory, Irkutsk, Russia

Optimal control; global optimization; huge-scale optimization

Nan-Jing Huang

Sichuan University, China

Multiobjective programming; variational inequality problems

Tingwen Huang

Texas A&M University, Texas, US

Nonlinear system; control; optimization

Elias Jarlebring

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Numerical linear algebra; Eigenvalue problems; matrix equations; model order reduction

Bulent Karasozen

Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

Optimal control; numerical solution of ordinary differential equations; model reduction

Oleg Khamisov

Melentiev Energy Systems Institute, Irkutsk, Russia

Theory and methods of optimization; nonconvex optimization with applications

Shengjie Li

Chongqing University, China

Optimization theory and applications; variational analysis

Zhongfei Li

Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong, China

Portfolio optimization; asset pricing

Chongyang Liu

Shandong Institute of Business and Technology, China

Hybrid system; optimal control; nonlinear optimization; and engineering optimization

Wanquan Liu

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Optimization with applications in image processing; pattern recognition

Lin-Zhang Lu

Xiamen University, China

Eigenvalue computations, iterative methods for linear systems; fast computations for structured matrices

Ines Marques

University of Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Optimization; planning and scheduling; operations research in health care

Pavel Pakshin

Nizhny Novgorod State Tech University, Russia

Control theory; stochastic stability; robust stability; control of multidimensional (nD) systems

Panos Pardalos

University of Florida, USA

Numerical optimization and applications in Biomedicine

Roman Polyak

Math. Dept. Technion, Haifa, Israel

Numerical methods for convex and nonconvex optimization problems

V. Sree Hari Rao

Foundation for Scientific Research and Technological Innovation, HYDERABAD - 500 102, India

Multi-parameter optimization; dynamic optimization; dynamical systems; stability and control; time delay systems; applications to real world problems

Wil Schilders

Technishe Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands

Numerical linear algebra; optimization

Yaroslav Sergeyev

Università della Calabria, Italy

Global optimization; numerical computation with finite and infinitesimal quantities; fractals

Peng Shi

University of Adelaide, Australia

Control theory and applications; hybrid systems; operational research

Georgios Stavroulakis

Technical University of Crete, Greece

Smart structures; soft computing; structural optimization; civil engineering

Tatiana Tchemisova

University of Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal

Continuous optimization; nonlinear, semi-infinite and semidefinite programming

Michael Ulbrich

Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

Mathematical optimization; optimal control

Andre Uschmajew

Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

Multilinear algebra; optimization; scientific computing

Seak Weng Vong

Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, China

Partial differential equations, Numerical linear algebra, Scientific computation

Zhong Wan

Central South University, Changsha, China

Numerical optimization and applications

Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Poznan University of Technology, Poznan, Poland

Optimization; optimal control; game theory and their applications; data mining; machine learning; operational research

Naihua Xiu

Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing, China

Continuous optimization and its applications

Chao Xu

Institute of Cyber-Systems & Control, School of Control Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University, China

Flow and flight control; computational optimal control; applied PDE control

Nobuo Yamashita

Kyoto University, Japan

Nonlinear programming; variational inequality problem; nonlinear complementarity problem

Xinmin Yang

Chongqing Normal University, China

Generalized convexity; multiobjective optimization; vector optimization

Athanasios N. Yannacopoulos

Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens, Greece

Stochastic control with applications in mathematical economics; mathematical finance; modern technologies

Cedric Yiu

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China

Global optimization; optimal control; signal processing; engineering applications; financial engineering

Hongchao Zhang

Louisiana State University, USA

Numerical linear algebra; nonlinear optimization and their applications

Kai Zhang

Shenzhen University, Guangdong, China

Computational finance; computation economics; numerical optimization

Wenxing Zhu

Fuzhou University, Fuzhou, China

Integer programming; global optimization; optimization algorithms for VLSI CAD




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