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Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization

2015 , Volume 5 , Issue 4

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Dynamic simulation of a SEIQR-V epidemic model based on cellular automata
Xinxin Tan, Shujuan Li, Sisi Liu, Zhiwei Zhao, Lisa Huang and Jiatai Gang
2015, 5(4): 327-337 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.327 +[Abstract](1164) +[PDF](1330.7KB)
Optimal control of microbial fed-batch culture involving multiple feeds
Jinggui Gao, Xiaoyan Zhao and Jinggang Zhai
2015, 5(4): 339-349 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.339 +[Abstract](980) +[PDF](402.1KB)
Solving the seepage problems with free surface by mathematical programming method
Jinzhi Wang and Yuduo Zhang
2015, 5(4): 351-357 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.351 +[Abstract](989) +[PDF](286.0KB)
Modeling and identification of hybrid dynamic system in microbial continuous fermentation
Yanan Mao, Caixia Gao, Ruidong Yan and Aruna Bai
2015, 5(4): 359-368 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.359 +[Abstract](943) +[PDF](340.6KB)
Nonlinear state-dependent impulsive system in fed-batch culture and its optimal control
Bangyu Shen, Xiaojing Wang and Chongyang Liu
2015, 5(4): 369-380 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.369 +[Abstract](1134) +[PDF](404.7KB)
A stochastic model for microbial fermentation process under Gaussian white noise environment
Yan Wang, Lei Wang, Yanxiang Zhao, Aimin Song and Yanping Ma
2015, 5(4): 381-392 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.381 +[Abstract](1180) +[PDF](355.3KB)
Modeling and identification of dynamical system with Genetic Regulation in batch fermentation of glycerol
Xu Zhang and Xiang Li
2015, 5(4): 393-403 doi: 10.3934/naco.2015.5.393 +[Abstract](990) +[PDF](338.4KB)




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