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Numerical Algebra, Control & Optimization

2012 , Volume 2 , Issue 1

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A smoothing Newton method for generalized Nash equilibrium problems with second-order cone constraints
Yanhong Yuan, Hongwei Zhang and Liwei Zhang
2012, 2(1): 1-18 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.1 +[Abstract](1094) +[PDF](273.3KB)
Global convergence of an SQP algorithm for nonlinear optimization with overdetermined constraints
Chunlin Hao and Xinwei Liu
2012, 2(1): 19-29 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.19 +[Abstract](1050) +[PDF](207.5KB)
A sixth order numerical method for a class of nonlinear two-point boundary value problems
Xiao-Yu Zhang and Qing Fang
2012, 2(1): 31-43 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.31 +[Abstract](897) +[PDF](197.3KB)
An AIS-based optimal control framework for longevity and task achievement of multi-robot systems
Raymond Ching Man Chan and Henry Ying Kei Lau
2012, 2(1): 45-56 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.45 +[Abstract](777) +[PDF](318.5KB)
Global optimization via differential evolution with automatic termination
Bun Theang Ong and Masao Fukushima
2012, 2(1): 57-67 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.57 +[Abstract](901) +[PDF](214.1KB)
Univariate geometric Lipschitz global optimization algorithms
Dmitri E. Kvasov and Yaroslav D. Sergeyev
2012, 2(1): 69-90 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.69 +[Abstract](1485) +[PDF](602.3KB)
Solvability of a class of thermal dynamical contact problems with subdifferential conditions
Samir Adly, Oanh Chau and Mohamed Rochdi
2012, 2(1): 91-104 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.91 +[Abstract](784) +[PDF](189.4KB)
A bilevel optimization approach to obtain optimal cost functions for human arm movements
Sebastian Albrecht, Marion Leibold and Michael Ulbrich
2012, 2(1): 105-127 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.105 +[Abstract](1297) +[PDF](716.7KB)
An efficient algorithm for convex quadratic semi-definite optimization
Lipu Zhang, Yinghong Xu and Zhengjing Jin
2012, 2(1): 129-144 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.129 +[Abstract](1032) +[PDF](225.9KB)
A class of smoothing SAA methods for a stochastic linear complementarity problem
Jie Zhang, Yue Wu and Liwei Zhang
2012, 2(1): 145-156 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.145 +[Abstract](980) +[PDF](227.6KB)
Identification of water quality model parameters using artificial bee colony algorithm
Guangzhou Chen, Guijian Liu, Jiaquan Wang and Ruzhong Li
2012, 2(1): 157-165 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.157 +[Abstract](915) +[PDF](195.2KB)
A DC programming approach for a class of bilevel programming problems and its application in Portfolio Selection
Le Thi Hoai An, Tran Duc Quynh and Pham Dinh Tao
2012, 2(1): 167-185 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.167 +[Abstract](1339) +[PDF](282.5KB)
On some inverse singular value problems with Toeplitz-related structure
Zheng-Jian Bai, Xiao-Qing Jin and Seak-Weng Vong
2012, 2(1): 187-192 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.187 +[Abstract](841) +[PDF](120.4KB)
A filter successive linear programming method for nonlinear semidefinite programming problems
Yi Xu and Wenyu Sun
2012, 2(1): 193-206 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.193 +[Abstract](1023) +[PDF](228.8KB)
Filtering solution of nonlinear stochastic optimal control problem in discrete-time with model-reality differences
Sie Long Kek, Kok Lay Teo and Mohd Ismail Abd Aziz
2012, 2(1): 207-222 doi: 10.3934/naco.2012.2.207 +[Abstract](1260) +[PDF](186.2KB)




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