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Journal of Geometric Mechanics

Call for special issues

If you are interested in editing or co-editing a special issue of JGM, you are welcome to send us a proposal. Typically, a special issue may be for one of the following occasions.

1. To celebrate the birthday of a leading researcher in the field, who in his/her career made some important contributions, whether there is a gathering (meeting) or not;
2. To record a high quality and well-focused workshop or a major symposium in a major conference;
3.To record recent advancement in an area (covered by the Journal) that has seen major development in the past few years. In the last situation, the guest-editors should choose a theme (focused topics) and justify why this particular area deserves some special attention in a timely manner.

A special issue sets a permanent record for any of the occasions, therefore it has become highly recognized choice. In evaluating your proposal, we use one and only one criterion: the likelihood that the proposed special issue would be of very high quality or at least of quality comparable with that of regular issues of the Journal. Topics of a special issue may be deviated somewhat from the core of the Journal, but otherwise are within the bulk part of the Journal's coverage. Total number of pages can be flexible, but should be at least 150. All contributions are refereed rigorously and each paper takes two enthusiastically positive and detailed reports for an acceptance.

In case (1) or (2), if arrangement can be made early enough (one year is a norm), it is suggested that the special issue be published in advance and its copies be sent to the meeting so as to achieve the maximum impact.

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