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Kinetic & Related Models

February 2019 , Volume 12 , Issue 1

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Stable manifolds for a class of singular evolution equations and exponential decay of kinetic shocks
Alin Pogan and Kevin Zumbrun
2019, 12(1): 1-36 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019001 +[Abstract](773) +[HTML](199) +[PDF](632.1KB)
Global solution to the 3-D inhomogeneous incompressible MHD system with discontinuous density
Fei Chen, Boling Guo and Xiaoping Zhai
2019, 12(1): 37-58 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019002 +[Abstract](936) +[HTML](180) +[PDF](487.82KB)
A stochastic algorithm without time discretization error for the Wigner equation
Orazio Muscato and Wolfgang Wagner
2019, 12(1): 59-77 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019003 +[Abstract](763) +[HTML](174) +[PDF](551.38KB)
Numerical solutions for multidimensional fragmentation problems using finite volume methods
Jitraj Saha, Nilima Das, Jitendra Kumar and Andreas Bück
2019, 12(1): 79-103 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019004 +[Abstract](1172) +[HTML](152) +[PDF](531.16KB)
On hp-streamline diffusion and Nitsche schemes for the relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell system
Mohammad Asadzadeh, Piotr Kowalczyk and Christoffer Standar
2019, 12(1): 105-131 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019005 +[Abstract](635) +[HTML](146) +[PDF](770.63KB)
Convergence of a vector-BGK approximation for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Roberta Bianchini and Roberto Natalini
2019, 12(1): 133-158 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019006 +[Abstract](620) +[HTML](160) +[PDF](381.73KB)
Elastic limit and vanishing external force for granular systems
Fei Meng and Xiao-Ping Yang
2019, 12(1): 159-176 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019007 +[Abstract](730) +[HTML](154) +[PDF](378.73KB)
Kinetic models and intrinsic timescales: Simulation comparison for a 2nd order queueing model
Dieter Armbruster and Matthew Wienke
2019, 12(1): 177-193 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019008 +[Abstract](792) +[HTML](172) +[PDF](730.4KB)
An asymptotic preserving scheme for kinetic chemotaxis models in two space dimensions
Alina Chertock, Alexander Kurganov, Mária Lukáčová-Medvi${\rm{\check{d}}}$ová and Șeyma Nur Özcan
2019, 12(1): 195-216 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019009 +[Abstract](822) +[HTML](205) +[PDF](2327.4KB)
A quantum Drift-Diffusion model and its use into a hybrid strategy for strongly confined nanostructures
Clément Jourdana and Paola Pietra
2019, 12(1): 217-242 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019010 +[Abstract](827) +[HTML](202) +[PDF](1843.94KB)
Time-splitting methods to solve the Hall-MHD systems with Lévy noises
Zhong Tan, Huaqiao Wang and Yucong Wang
2019, 12(1): 243-267 doi: 10.3934/krm.2019011 +[Abstract](743) +[HTML](166) +[PDF](491.35KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 1.219




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