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Kinetic & Related Models

September 2013 , Volume 6 , Issue 3

Issue on Evolution Equations and Mathematical Models in the Applied Sciences

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On the dynamics of social conflicts: Looking for the black swan
Nicola Bellomo, Miguel A. Herrero and Andrea Tosin
2013, 6(3): 459-479 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.459 +[Abstract](1415) +[PDF](702.8KB)
Global existence and large time behavior of solutions to the electric-magnetohydrodynamic equations
Dongfen Bian and Boling Guo
2013, 6(3): 481-503 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.481 +[Abstract](1017) +[PDF](499.9KB)
Semi-classical models for the Schrödinger equation with periodic potentials and band crossings
Lihui Chai, Shi Jin and Qin Li
2013, 6(3): 505-532 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.505 +[Abstract](1102) +[PDF](1238.2KB)
On a regularization of the magnetic gas dynamics system of equations
Bernard Ducomet and Alexander Zlotnik
2013, 6(3): 533-543 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.533 +[Abstract](1030) +[PDF](324.0KB)
Logarithmically improved regularity criteria for the generalized Navier-Stokes and related equations
Jishan Fan, Yasuhide Fukumoto and Yong Zhou
2013, 6(3): 545-556 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.545 +[Abstract](1029) +[PDF](357.1KB)
Perturbed, entropy-based closure for radiative transfer
Martin Frank, Cory D. Hauck and Edgar Olbrant
2013, 6(3): 557-587 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.557 +[Abstract](897) +[PDF](835.4KB)
On the uniqueness for coagulation and multiple fragmentation equation
Ankik Kumar Giri
2013, 6(3): 589-599 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.589 +[Abstract](1206) +[PDF](314.2KB)
Large time behavior of the solution to the Landau Equation with specular reflective boundary condition
Cong He and Hongjun Yu
2013, 6(3): 601-623 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.601 +[Abstract](978) +[PDF](421.3KB)
Phase space analysis and functional calculus for the linearized Landau and Boltzmann operators
Nicolas Lerner, Yoshinori Morimoto, Karel Pravda-Starov and Chao-Jiang Xu
2013, 6(3): 625-648 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.625 +[Abstract](922) +[PDF](475.5KB)
One-dimensional compressible Navier-Stokes equations with large density oscillation
Tao Wang, Huijiang Zhao and Qingyang Zou
2013, 6(3): 649-670 doi: 10.3934/krm.2013.6.649 +[Abstract](1068) +[PDF](463.0KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 1.219




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