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Inverse Problems & Imaging

February 2014 , Volume 8 , Issue 1

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Linearized internal functionals for anisotropic conductivities
Guillaume Bal, Chenxi Guo and Francçois Monard
2014, 8(1): 1-22 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.1 +[Abstract](852) +[PDF](481.0KB)
The "exterior approach" to solve the inverse obstacle problem for the Stokes system
Laurent Bourgeois and Jérémi Dardé
2014, 8(1): 23-51 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.23 +[Abstract](1244) +[PDF](1474.3KB)
The Moreau envelope approach for the L1/TV image denoising model
Feishe Chen, Lixin Shen, Yuesheng Xu and Xueying Zeng
2014, 8(1): 53-77 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.53 +[Abstract](1141) +[PDF](648.3KB)
Solving inverse source problems by the Orthogonal Solution and Kernel Correction Algorithm (OSKCA) with applications in fluorescence tomography
Shui-Nee Chow, Ke Yin, Hao-Min Zhou and Ali Behrooz
2014, 8(1): 79-102 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.79 +[Abstract](1164) +[PDF](1252.2KB)
Ray transforms on a conformal class of curves
Nicholas Hoell and Guillaume Bal
2014, 8(1): 103-125 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.103 +[Abstract](866) +[PDF](456.5KB)
Adaptive meshing approach to identification of cracks with electrical impedance tomography
Kimmo Karhunen, Aku Seppänen and Jari P. Kaipio
2014, 8(1): 127-148 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.127 +[Abstract](1447) +[PDF](1571.8KB)
Convergence rates for Kaczmarz-type regularization methods
Stefan Kindermann and Antonio Leitão
2014, 8(1): 149-172 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.149 +[Abstract](1032) +[PDF](451.8KB)
Geometric reconstruction in bioluminescence tomography
Tim Kreutzmann and Andreas Rieder
2014, 8(1): 173-197 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.173 +[Abstract](1065) +[PDF](557.4KB)
Heat source identification based on $l_1$ constrained minimization
Yingying Li, Stanley Osher and Richard Tsai
2014, 8(1): 199-221 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.199 +[Abstract](1137) +[PDF](971.0KB)
Superiorization of EM algorithm and its application in Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography(SPECT)
Shousheng Luo and Tie Zhou
2014, 8(1): 223-246 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.223 +[Abstract](1149) +[PDF](577.2KB)
The linearized problem of magneto-photoelasticity
Vladimir Sharafutdinov
2014, 8(1): 247-257 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.247 +[Abstract](955) +[PDF](314.1KB)
Towards deconvolution to enhance the grid method for in-plane strain measurement
Frédéric Sur and Michel Grédiac
2014, 8(1): 259-291 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.259 +[Abstract](1149) +[PDF](5178.8KB)
A local information based variational model for selective image segmentation
Jianping Zhang, Ke Chen, Bo Yu and Derek A. Gould
2014, 8(1): 293-320 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.293 +[Abstract](1147) +[PDF](3063.2KB)
PHLST with adaptive tiling and its application to antarctic remote sensing image approximation
Zhihua Zhang and Naoki Saito
2014, 8(1): 321-337 doi: 10.3934/ipi.2014.8.321 +[Abstract](1021) +[PDF](1015.8KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 1.465




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