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Journal of Industrial & Management Optimization

January 2017 , Volume 13 , Issue 1

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Optimal dividends and capital injections for a spectrally positive Lévy process
Yongxia Zhao, Rongming Wang and Chuancun Yin
2017, 13(1): 1-21 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016001 +[Abstract](1529) +[HTML](258) +[PDF](509.0KB)
Consumption-portfolio optimization and filtering in a hidden Markov-modulated asset price model
Yang Shen and Tak Kuen Siu
2017, 13(1): 23-46 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016002 +[Abstract](1450) +[HTML](231) +[PDF](538.3KB)
Line search globalization of a semismooth Newton method for operator equations in Hilbert spaces with applications in optimal control
Matthias Gerdts, Stefan Horn and Sven-Joachim Kimmerle
2017, 13(1): 47-62 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016003 +[Abstract](1976) +[HTML](227) +[PDF](1115.7KB)
The stable duality of DC programs for composite convex functions
Gang Li, Lipu Zhang and Zhe Liu
2017, 13(1): 63-79 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016004 +[Abstract](1167) +[HTML](227) +[PDF](415.4KB)
Homotopy method for a class of multiobjective optimization problems with equilibrium constraints
Chunyang Zhang, Shugong Zhang and Qinghuai Liu
2017, 13(1): 81-92 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016005 +[Abstract](1079) +[HTML](306) +[PDF](374.9KB)
A smoothing iterative method for quantile regression with nonconvex $ \ell_p $ penalty
Lianjun Zhang, Lingchen Kong, Yan Li and Shenglong Zhou
2017, 13(1): 93-112 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016006 +[Abstract](1484) +[HTML](290) +[PDF](634.9KB)
Intrinsic impediments to category captainship collaboration
Xavier Brusset and Per J. Agrell
2017, 13(1): 113-133 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016007 +[Abstract](1649) +[HTML](252) +[PDF](4811.4KB)
$ (Q,r) $ Model with $ CVaR_α $ of costs minimization
María Andrea Arias Serna, María Eugenia Puerta Yepes, César Edinson Escalante Coterio and Gerardo Arango Ospina
2017, 13(1): 135-146 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016008 +[Abstract](1132) +[HTML](219) +[PDF](353.9KB)
An efficient cutting plane algorithm for the smallest enclosing circle problem
Yi Jiang, Chuan Luo and Shenggui Ling
2017, 13(1): 147-153 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016009 +[Abstract](1105) +[HTML](335) +[PDF](405.3KB)
Asymptotics for ruin probabilities of a non-standard renewal risk model with dependence structures and exponential Lévy process investment returns
Jiangyan Peng and Dingcheng Wang
2017, 13(1): 155-185 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016010 +[Abstract](1585) +[HTML](229) +[PDF](525.3KB)
Preservation of deteriorating seasonal products with stock-dependent consumption rate and shortages
Biswajit Sarkar, Buddhadev Mandal and Sumon Sarkar
2017, 13(1): 187-206 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016011 +[Abstract](2968) +[HTML](238) +[PDF](2690.5KB)
The finite-time ruin probability for an inhomogeneous renewal risk model
Emilija Bernackaitė and Jonas Šiaulys
2017, 13(1): 207-222 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016012 +[Abstract](1249) +[HTML](226) +[PDF](406.8KB)
Talent hold cost minimization in film production
Tai Chiu Edwin Cheng, Bertrand Miao-Tsong Lin and Hsiao-Lan Huang
2017, 13(1): 223-235 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016013 +[Abstract](1368) +[HTML](243) +[PDF](740.4KB)
Efficiency measures in fuzzy data envelopment analysis with common weights
Cheng-Kai Hu, Fung-Bao Liu and Cheng-Feng Hu
2017, 13(1): 237-249 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016014 +[Abstract](1544) +[HTML](235) +[PDF](348.1KB)
Influences of carbon emission abatement on firms' production policy based on newsboy model
Dayi He, Xiaoling Chen and Qi Huang
2017, 13(1): 251-265 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016015 +[Abstract](1278) +[HTML](277) +[PDF](682.8KB)
A linear-quadratic control problem of uncertain discrete-time switched systems
Hongyan Yan, Yun Sun and Yuanguo Zhu
2017, 13(1): 267-282 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016016 +[Abstract](1305) +[HTML](225) +[PDF](439.5KB)
Multivariate spectral DY-type projection method for convex constrained nonlinear monotone equations
Jinkui Liu and Shengjie Li
2017, 13(1): 283-295 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016017 +[Abstract](1470) +[HTML](402) +[PDF](345.0KB)
Service product pricing strategies based on time-sensitive customer choice behavior
Xuemei Zhang, Malin Song and Guangdong Liu
2017, 13(1): 297-312 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016018 +[Abstract](1626) +[HTML](295) +[PDF](385.9KB)
Higher-order sensitivity analysis in set-valued optimization under Henig efficiency
Yihong Xu and Zhenhua Peng
2017, 13(1): 313-327 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016019 +[Abstract](1103) +[HTML](240) +[PDF](116.0KB)
Ordering policy for non-instantaneously deteriorating products under price adjustment and trade credits
Yu-Chung Tsao
2017, 13(1): 329-347 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016020 +[Abstract](1367) +[HTML](319) +[PDF](423.4KB)
Impact of price cap regulation on supply chain contracting between two monopolists
Jing Feng, Yanfei Lan and Ruiqing Zhao
2017, 13(1): 349-373 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016021 +[Abstract](1191) +[HTML](234) +[PDF](453.3KB)
Markowitz's mean-variance optimization with investment and constrained reinsurance
Nan Zhang, Ping Chen, Zhuo Jin and Shuanming Li
2017, 13(1): 375-397 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016022 +[Abstract](1743) +[HTML](293) +[PDF](747.8KB)
Optimal stopping problems with restricted stopping times
Wenqing Bao, Xianyi Wu and Xian Zhou
2017, 13(1): 399-411 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016023 +[Abstract](1280) +[HTML](241) +[PDF](380.9KB)
Multiple-stage multiple-machine capacitated lot-sizing and scheduling with sequence-dependent setup: A case study in the wheel industry
Lalida Deeratanasrikul and Shinji Mizuno
2017, 13(1): 413-428 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016024 +[Abstract](1479) +[HTML](310) +[PDF](695.0KB)
Dynamic pricing of network goods in duopoly markets with boundedly rational consumers
Haiying Liu, Xinxing Luo, Wenjie Bi, Yueming Man and Kok Lay Teo
2017, 13(1): 429-447 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016025 +[Abstract](1281) +[HTML](236) +[PDF](474.9KB)
Impact of reorder option in supply chain coordination
Na Song, Ximin Huang, Yue Xie, Wai-Ki Ching and Tak-Kuen Siu
2017, 13(1): 449-475 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016026 +[Abstract](1500) +[HTML](272) +[PDF](308.4KB)
Solution continuity of parametric generalized vector equilibrium problems with strictly pseudomonotone mappings
Xin Zuo, Chun-Rong Chen and Hong-Zhi Wei
2017, 13(1): 477-488 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016027 +[Abstract](1218) +[HTML](280) +[PDF](395.8KB)
Evacuation planning by earliest arrival contraflow
Urmila Pyakurel and Tanka Nath Dhamala
2017, 13(1): 489-503 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016028 +[Abstract](1200) +[HTML](296) +[PDF](436.4KB)
Optimal consumption with reference-dependent preferences in on-the-job search and savings
Chi Zhou, Wansheng Tang and Ruiqing Zhao
2017, 13(1): 505-529 doi: 10.3934/jimo.2016029 +[Abstract](1333) +[HTML](252) +[PDF](559.1KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 0.994




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