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Communications on Pure & Applied Analysis

November 2018 , Volume 17 , Issue 6

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A Cameron-Storvick theorem for the analytic Feynman integral associated with Gaussian paths on a Wiener space and applications
Seung Jun Chang and Jae Gil Choi
2018, 17(6): 2225-2238 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018106 +[Abstract](809) +[HTML](112) +[PDF](316.79KB)
Multiplicity and concentration of positive solutions for fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Xudong Shang and Jihui Zhang
2018, 17(6): 2239-2259 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018107 +[Abstract](1384) +[HTML](147) +[PDF](391.77KB)
The Nehari manifold for a fractional Laplacian equation involving critical nonlinearities
Qingfang Wang
2018, 17(6): 2261-2281 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018108 +[Abstract](1609) +[HTML](147) +[PDF](409.64KB)
On pressure stabilization method for nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations
Takayuki Kubo and Ranmaru Matsui
2018, 17(6): 2283-2307 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018109 +[Abstract](860) +[HTML](111) +[PDF](434.37KB)
Extremal functions of Moser-Trudinger inequality involving Finsler-Laplacian
Changliang Zhou and Chunqin Zhou
2018, 17(6): 2309-2328 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018110 +[Abstract](1059) +[HTML](106) +[PDF](383.29KB)
Liouville theorem for MHD system and its applications
Xian-gao Liu and Xiaotao Zhang
2018, 17(6): 2329-2350 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018111 +[Abstract](849) +[HTML](97) +[PDF](390.77KB)
The spectral expansion approach to index transforms and connections with the theory of diffusion processes
Rúben Sousa and Semyon Yakubovich
2018, 17(6): 2351-2378 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018112 +[Abstract](1440) +[HTML](104) +[PDF](456.08KB)
A Liouville type theorem to an extension problem relating to the Heisenberg group
Xinjing Wang, Pengcheng Niu and Xuewei Cui
2018, 17(6): 2379-2394 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018113 +[Abstract](881) +[HTML](148) +[PDF](359.17KB)
An inhomogeneous evolution equation involving the normalized infinity Laplacian with a transport term
Fang Liu
2018, 17(6): 2395-2421 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018114 +[Abstract](727) +[HTML](123) +[PDF](427.03KB)
On the product in Besov-Lorentz-Morrey spaces and existence of solutions for the stationary Boussinesq equations
Lucas C. F. Ferreira, Jhean E. Pérez-López and Élder J. Villamizar-Roa
2018, 17(6): 2423-2439 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018115 +[Abstract](926) +[HTML](92) +[PDF](378.39KB)
$ \mathcal{W}$-Entropy formulae and differential Harnack estimates for porous medium equations on Riemannian manifolds
Yu-Zhao Wang
2018, 17(6): 2441-2454 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018116 +[Abstract](778) +[HTML](107) +[PDF](400.21KB)
Well-posedness for a non-isothermal flow of two viscous incompressible fluids
Juliana Honda Lopes and Gabriela Planas
2018, 17(6): 2455-2477 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018117 +[Abstract](959) +[HTML](106) +[PDF](390.91KB)
Coupled systems of Hilfer fractional differential inclusions in banach spaces
Saïd Abbas, Mouffak Benchohra and John R. Graef
2018, 17(6): 2479-2493 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018118 +[Abstract](1142) +[HTML](113) +[PDF](328.43KB)
Uniqueness for Lp-viscosity solutions for uniformly parabolic Isaacs equations with measurable lower order terms
N. V. Krylov
2018, 17(6): 2495-2516 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018119 +[Abstract](807) +[HTML](92) +[PDF](390.81KB)
Entire solutions in a two-dimensional nonlocal lattice dynamical system
Fang-Di Dong, Wan-Tong Li and Li Zhang
2018, 17(6): 2517-2545 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018120 +[Abstract](938) +[HTML](114) +[PDF](416.54KB)
Regularity of radial stable solutions to semilinear elliptic equations for the fractional Laplacian
Tomás Sanz-Perela
2018, 17(6): 2547-2575 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018121 +[Abstract](1112) +[HTML](105) +[PDF](443.55KB)
A free boundary problem for a class of parabolic-elliptic type chemotaxis model
Hua Chen, Wenbin Lv and Shaohua Wu
2018, 17(6): 2577-2592 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018122 +[Abstract](822) +[HTML](125) +[PDF](338.34KB)
The Stochastic 3D globally modified Navier-Stokes equations: Existence, uniqueness and asymptotic behavior
G. Deugoué and T. Tachim Medjo
2018, 17(6): 2593-2621 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018123 +[Abstract](961) +[HTML](116) +[PDF](398.31KB)
Ground states for Kirchhoff-type equations with critical growth
Quanqing Li, Kaimin Teng and Xian Wu
2018, 17(6): 2623-2638 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018124 +[Abstract](909) +[HTML](128) +[PDF](355.66KB)
Positive solutions for resonant (p, q)-equations with concave terms
Shouchuan Hu and Nikolas S. Papageorgiou
2018, 17(6): 2639-2656 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018125 +[Abstract](753) +[HTML](118) +[PDF](350.63KB)
Local well-posedness for the Zakharov system on the background of a line soliton
Hung Luong
2018, 17(6): 2657-2682 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018126 +[Abstract](874) +[HTML](99) +[PDF](412.84KB)
Shape optimization approach for solving the Bernoulli problem by tracking the Neumann data: A Lagrangian formulation
Julius Fergy T. Rabago and Jerico B. Bacani
2018, 17(6): 2683-2702 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018127 +[Abstract](895) +[HTML](137) +[PDF](405.05KB)
On a predator prey model with nonlinear harvesting and distributed delay
Tomás Caraballo, Renato Colucci and Luca Guerrini
2018, 17(6): 2703-2727 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018128 +[Abstract](943) +[HTML](133) +[PDF](986.78KB)
On the isoperimetric problem with perimeter density $r^p$
Gyula Csató
2018, 17(6): 2729-2749 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018129 +[Abstract](733) +[HTML](95) +[PDF](514.8KB)
An $L_p$-Lipschitz theory for parabolic equations with time measurable pseudo-differential operators
Ildoo Kim
2018, 17(6): 2751-2771 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018130 +[Abstract](758) +[HTML](90) +[PDF](396.17KB)
Power- and Log-concavity of viscosity solutions to some elliptic Dirichlet problems
Michael Kühn
2018, 17(6): 2773-2788 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018131 +[Abstract](674) +[HTML](95) +[PDF](342.58KB)
A positive bound state for an asymptotically linear or superlinear Schrödinger equation in exterior domains
Alireza Khatib and Liliane A. Maia
2018, 17(6): 2789-2812 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018132 +[Abstract](749) +[HTML](100) +[PDF](408.26KB)
On variational and topological methods in nonlinear difference equations
Zalman Balanov, Carlos García-Azpeitia and Wieslaw Krawcewicz
2018, 17(6): 2813-2844 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018133 +[Abstract](1164) +[HTML](130) +[PDF](464.91KB)
Unbounded and blow-up solutions for a delay logistic equation with positive feedback
István Győri, Yukihiko Nakata and Gergely Röst
2018, 17(6): 2845-2854 doi: 10.3934/cpaa.2018134 +[Abstract](951) +[HTML](115) +[PDF](357.76KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 0.884




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