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Discrete & Continuous Dynamical Systems - B

September 2012 , Volume 17 , Issue 6

Special issue
dedicated to professor Avner Friedman on his 80th birthday

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Bo Guan, Jong-Shenq Guo, Bei Hu, Urszula Ledzewicz, Yuan Lou and Fernando Reitich
2012, 17(6): i-iii doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.6i +[Abstract](981) +[PDF](3306.6KB)
The structure of the quiescent core in rigidly rotating spirals in a class of excitable systems
Maria Aguareles, Marco A. Fontelos and Juan J. Velázquez
2012, 17(6): 1605-1638 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1605 +[Abstract](1099) +[PDF](921.4KB)
On the validity of formal asymptotic expansions in Allen-Cahn equation and FitzHugh-Nagumo system with generic initial data
Matthieu Alfaro and Hiroshi Matano
2012, 17(6): 1639-1649 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1639 +[Abstract](914) +[PDF](365.1KB)
A class of optimization problems in radiotherapy dosimetry planning
Juan Carlos López Alfonso, Giuseppe Buttazzo, Bosco García-Archilla, Miguel A. Herrero and Luis Núñez
2012, 17(6): 1651-1672 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1651 +[Abstract](1114) +[PDF](1286.5KB)
Stabilization of a reaction-diffusion system modelling malaria transmission
Sebastian Aniţa and Vincenzo Capasso
2012, 17(6): 1673-1684 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1673 +[Abstract](1075) +[PDF](332.7KB)
Self-similar focusing in porous media: An explicit calculation
D. G. Aronson
2012, 17(6): 1685-1691 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1685 +[Abstract](1075) +[PDF](265.2KB)
The quasiconvex envelope through first-order partial differential equations which characterize quasiconvexity of nonsmooth functions
Emmanuel N. Barron, Rafal Goebel and Robert R. Jensen
2012, 17(6): 1693-1706 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1693 +[Abstract](924) +[PDF](339.5KB)
Analysis and stability of bent-core liquid crystal fibers
Patricia Bauman and Daniel Phillips
2012, 17(6): 1707-1728 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1707 +[Abstract](816) +[PDF](545.1KB)
Existence and compactness for weak solutions to Bellman systems with critical growth
Alain Bensoussan, Miroslav Bulíček and Jens Frehse
2012, 17(6): 1729-1750 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1729 +[Abstract](1253) +[PDF](497.6KB)
Regularity of the free boundary for the American put option
Xinfu Chen and Huibin Cheng
2012, 17(6): 1751-1759 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1751 +[Abstract](778) +[PDF](368.6KB)
Dead-core rates for the porous medium equation with a strong absorption
Xinfu Chen, Jong-Shenq Guo and Bei Hu
2012, 17(6): 1761-1774 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1761 +[Abstract](823) +[PDF](370.7KB)
Slow manifold reduction of a stochastic chemical reaction: Exploring Keizer's paradox
Parker Childs and James P. Keener
2012, 17(6): 1775-1794 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1775 +[Abstract](1285) +[PDF](1273.0KB)
Interactions of point vortices in the Zabusky-McWilliams model with a background flow
Colm Connaughton and John R. Ockendon
2012, 17(6): 1795-1807 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1795 +[Abstract](866) +[PDF](491.1KB)
Equity valuation under stock dilution and buy-back
Yaling Cui and Srdjan D. Stojanovic
2012, 17(6): 1809-1829 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1809 +[Abstract](861) +[PDF](433.5KB)
Optimal treated mosquito bed nets and insecticides for eradication of malaria in Missira
Bassidy Dembele and Abdul-Aziz Yakubu
2012, 17(6): 1831-1840 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1831 +[Abstract](965) +[PDF](319.3KB)
On the local behavior of non-negative solutions to a logarithmically singular equation
Emmanuele DiBenedetto, Ugo Gianazza and Naian Liao
2012, 17(6): 1841-1858 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1841 +[Abstract](923) +[PDF](444.6KB)
Infinite dimensional relaxation oscillation in aggregation-growth systems
Shin-Ichiro Ei, Hirofumi Izuhara and Masayasu Mimura
2012, 17(6): 1859-1887 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1859 +[Abstract](1041) +[PDF](1391.6KB)
Error estimates for a bar code reconstruction method
Selim Esedoḡlu and Fadil Santosa
2012, 17(6): 1889-1902 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1889 +[Abstract](1072) +[PDF](357.7KB)
Modeling high flux hollow fibers dialyzers
Antonio Fasano and Angiolo Farina
2012, 17(6): 1903-1937 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1903 +[Abstract](951) +[PDF](742.6KB)
On the structure of double layers in Poisson-Boltzmann equation
Marco A. Fontelos and Lucía B. Gamboa
2012, 17(6): 1939-1967 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1939 +[Abstract](989) +[PDF](1027.3KB)
Gap junctions and excitation patterns in continuum models of islets
Pranay Goel and James Sneyd
2012, 17(6): 1969-1990 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1969 +[Abstract](871) +[PDF](778.5KB)
A Monge-Ampère type fully nonlinear equation on Hermitian manifolds
Bo Guan and Qun Li
2012, 17(6): 1991-1999 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.1991 +[Abstract](1129) +[PDF](318.7KB)
A fully non-linear PDE problem from pricing CDS with counterparty risk
Bei Hu, Lishang Jiang, Jin Liang and Wei Wei
2012, 17(6): 2001-2016 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2001 +[Abstract](900) +[PDF](388.0KB)
The regularized implied local volatility equations -A new model to recover the volatility of underlying asset from observed market option price
Lishang Jiang and Baojun Bian
2012, 17(6): 2017-2046 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2017 +[Abstract](926) +[PDF](3312.4KB)
Evolution of mixed dispersal in periodic environments
Chiu-Yen Kao, Yuan Lou and Wenxian Shen
2012, 17(6): 2047-2072 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2047 +[Abstract](1001) +[PDF](378.0KB)
Some $L_{p}$-estimates for elliptic and parabolic operators with measurable coefficients
N. V. Krylov
2012, 17(6): 2073-2090 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2073 +[Abstract](999) +[PDF](425.5KB)
A discrete dynamical system arising in molecular biology
Howard A. Levine, Yeon-Jung Seo and Marit Nilsen-Hamilton
2012, 17(6): 2091-2151 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2091 +[Abstract](1006) +[PDF](4710.2KB)
Global injectivity and multiple equilibria in uni- and bi-molecular reaction networks
Casian Pantea, Heinz Koeppl and Gheorghe Craciun
2012, 17(6): 2153-2170 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2153 +[Abstract](1143) +[PDF](501.3KB)
Dynamics of a two-receptor binding model: How affinities and capacities translate into long and short time behaviour and physiological corollaries
Lambertus A. Peletier, Willem de Winter and An Vermeulen
2012, 17(6): 2171-2184 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2171 +[Abstract](934) +[PDF](777.4KB)
Dynamics of bone cell signaling and PTH treatments of osteoporosis
David S. Ross, Christina Battista, Antonio Cabal and Khamir Mehta
2012, 17(6): 2185-2200 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2185 +[Abstract](881) +[PDF](495.8KB)
Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction for optimal control problems
Heinz Schättler and Urszula Ledzewicz
2012, 17(6): 2201-2223 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2201 +[Abstract](934) +[PDF](507.6KB)
Convex spacelike hypersurfaces of constant curvature in de Sitter space
Joel Spruck and Ling Xiao
2012, 17(6): 2225-2242 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2225 +[Abstract](750) +[PDF](425.4KB)
Spreading speeds and traveling waves for non-cooperative integro-difference systems
Haiyan Wang and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
2012, 17(6): 2243-2266 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2243 +[Abstract](1532) +[PDF](500.8KB)
On sufficient conditions for a linearly determinate spreading speed
Hans Weinberger
2012, 17(6): 2267-2280 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2267 +[Abstract](1073) +[PDF](367.9KB)
Optimal control of integrodifference equations with growth-harvesting-dispersal order
Peng Zhong and Suzanne Lenhart
2012, 17(6): 2281-2298 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2012.17.2281 +[Abstract](1134) +[PDF](679.9KB)

2017  Impact Factor: 0.972




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