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Global boundedness in a quasilinear fully parabolic chemotaxis system with indirect signal production
Mengyao Ding and Wei Wang
2019, 24(9) : 4665-4684 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018328 +[Abstract](842) +[HTML](391) +[PDF](485.06KB)
Existence of ground state solutions for the planar axially symmetric Schrödinger-Poisson system
Sitong Chen and Xianhua Tang
2019, 24(9) : 4685-4702 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018329 +[Abstract](779) +[HTML](381) +[PDF](467.91KB)
The diffusive model for Aedes aegypti mosquito on a periodically evolving domain
Mengyun Zhang and Zhigui Lin
2019, 24(9) : 4703-4720 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018330 +[Abstract](638) +[HTML](485) +[PDF](786.11KB)
Global existence and asymptotic behavior of global smooth solutions to the Kirchhoff equations with strong nonlinear damping
Honglv Ma, Jin Zhang and Chengkui Zhong
2019, 24(9) : 4721-4737 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019027 +[Abstract](850) +[HTML](344) +[PDF](455.3KB)
Dynamics of a predator-prey model with state-dependent carrying capacity
Hanwu Liu, Lin Wang, Fengqin Zhang, Qiuying Li and Huakun Zhou
2019, 24(9) : 4739-4753 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019028 +[Abstract](762) +[HTML](322) +[PDF](1051.13KB)
Blow-up of solutions to semi-discrete parabolic-elliptic Keller-Segel models
Ansgar Jüngel and Oliver Leingang
2019, 24(9) : 4755-4782 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019029 +[Abstract](794) +[HTML](303) +[PDF](9860.41KB)
Global dynamics of a virus infection model with repulsive effect
Hui li and Manjun Ma
2019, 24(9) : 4783-4797 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019030 +[Abstract](859) +[HTML](339) +[PDF](440.26KB)
An efficient spectral method for the Helmholtz transmission eigenvalues in polar geometries
Jun Zhang and Xinyue Fan
2019, 24(9) : 4799-4813 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019031 +[Abstract](717) +[HTML](306) +[PDF](421.08KB)
Comparing motion of curves and hypersurfaces in $ \mathbb{R}^m $
Jiří Minarčík, Masato Kimura and Michal Beneš
2019, 24(9) : 4815-4826 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019032 +[Abstract](782) +[HTML](388) +[PDF](1696.87KB)
Analysis of a stochastic SIRS model with interval parameters
Kangbo Bao, Libin Rong and Qimin Zhang
2019, 24(9) : 4827-4849 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019033 +[Abstract](618) +[HTML](326) +[PDF](3729.43KB)
Birth of an arbitrary number of T-singularities in 3D piecewise smooth vector fields
Tiago de Carvalho and Bruno Freitas
2019, 24(9) : 4851-4861 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019034 +[Abstract](658) +[HTML](313) +[PDF](841.39KB)
Mathematical analysis of cardiac electromechanics with physiological ionic model
Mostafa Bendahmane, Fatima Mroue, Mazen Saad and Raafat Talhouk
2019, 24(9) : 4863-4897 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019035 +[Abstract](704) +[HTML](324) +[PDF](593.18KB)
Upper semicontinuity of pullback attractors for non-autonomous Kirchhoff wave equations
Zhijian Yang and Yanan Li
2019, 24(9) : 4899-4912 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019036 +[Abstract](765) +[HTML](289) +[PDF](433.74KB)
Dynamical behavior for a Lotka-Volterra weak competition system in advective homogeneous environment
De Tang
2019, 24(9) : 4913-4928 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019037 +[Abstract](749) +[HTML](315) +[PDF](460.42KB)
Effects of nonlocal dispersal and spatial heterogeneity on total biomass
Yuan-Hang Su, Wan-Tong Li and Fei-Ying Yang
2019, 24(9) : 4929-4936 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019038 +[Abstract](808) +[HTML](286) +[PDF](329.05KB)
The averaging method for multivalued SDEs with jumps and non-Lipschitz coefficients
Wei Mao, Liangjian Hu, Surong You and Xuerong Mao
2019, 24(9) : 4937-4954 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019039 +[Abstract](1121) +[HTML](368) +[PDF](433.24KB)
Verification estimates for the construction of Lyapunov functions using meshfree collocation
Peter Giesl and Najla Mohammed
2019, 24(9) : 4955-4981 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019040 +[Abstract](760) +[HTML](287) +[PDF](1850.13KB)
Krylov implicit integration factor WENO method for SIR model with directed diffusion
Ruijun Zhao, Yong-Tao Zhang and Shanqin Chen
2019, 24(9) : 4983-5001 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019041 +[Abstract](846) +[HTML](384) +[PDF](2735.89KB)
Dynamics of a prey-predator system with modified Leslie-Gower and Holling type Ⅱ schemes incorporating a prey refuge
Safia Slimani, Paul Raynaud de Fitte and Islam Boussaada
2019, 24(9) : 5003-5039 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019042 +[Abstract](807) +[HTML](297) +[PDF](1170.5KB)
Distribution of SS and AS and their bifurcations in aggregations of tuna around two FOBs
Shaowen Shi and Weinian Zhang
2019, 24(9) : 5041-5081 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019043 +[Abstract](514) +[HTML](273) +[PDF](1176.3KB)
optimal investment and dividend policy in an insurance company: A varied bound for dividend rates
Yiling Chen and Baojun Bian
2019, 24(9) : 5083-5105 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019044 +[Abstract](578) +[HTML](359) +[PDF](468.99KB)
Superfluidity phase transitions for liquid $ ^{4} $He system
Jiayan Yang and Dongpei Zhang
2019, 24(9) : 5107-5120 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019045 +[Abstract](683) +[HTML](271) +[PDF](478.96KB)
Long term behavior of stochastic discrete complex Ginzburg-Landau equations with time delays in weighted spaces
Dingshi Li, Lin Shi and Xiaohu Wang
2019, 24(9) : 5121-5148 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019046 +[Abstract](748) +[HTML](281) +[PDF](524.82KB)
Asymptotic behaviors for the full compressible quantum Navier-Stokes-Maxwell equations with general initial data
Xueke Pu and Min Li
2019, 24(9) : 5149-5181 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019055 +[Abstract](371) +[HTML](207) +[PDF](567.08KB)
Stability of synchronization under stochastic perturbations in leaky integrate and fire neural networks of finite size
Pierre Guiraud and Etienne Tanré
2019, 24(9) : 5183-5201 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019056 +[Abstract](462) +[HTML](200) +[PDF](729.81KB)
Stability and bifurcation with singularity for a glycolysis model under no-flux boundary condition
Meihua Wei, Yanling Li and Xi Wei
2019, 24(9) : 5203-5224 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019129 +[Abstract](72) +[HTML](49) +[PDF](563.26KB)
Alzheimer's disease and prion: An in vitro mathematical model
Ionel S. Ciuperca, Matthieu Dumont, Abdelkader Lakmeche, Pauline Mazzocco, Laurent Pujo-Menjouet, Human Rezaei and Léon M. Tine
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019057 +[Abstract](402) +[HTML](200) +[PDF](17373.67KB)
Evolution of a spiral-shaped polygonal curve by the crystalline curvature flow with a pinned tip
Tetsuya Ishiwata and Takeshi Ohtsuka
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019058 +[Abstract](409) +[HTML](193) +[PDF](974.57KB)
$ L^\sigma $-measure criteria for boundedness in a quasilinear parabolic-parabolic Keller-Segel system with supercritical sensitivity
Mengyao Ding and Xiangdong Zhao
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019059 +[Abstract](370) +[HTML](218) +[PDF](432.79KB)
Blowup rate of solutions of a degenerate nonlinear parabolic equation
Chi-Cheung Poon
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019060 +[Abstract](390) +[HTML](202) +[PDF](419.24KB)
Numerical solution of partial differential equations with stochastic Neumann boundary conditions
Minoo Kamrani
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019061 +[Abstract](507) +[HTML](277) +[PDF](424.18KB)
On the asymptotic behavior of highly nonlinear hybrid stochastic delay differential equations
Tian Zhang, Huabin Chen, Chenggui Yuan and Tomás Caraballo
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019062 +[Abstract](507) +[HTML](211) +[PDF](523.84KB)
A backscattering model based on corrector theory of homogenization for the random Helmholtz equation
Wenjia Jing and Olivier Pinaud
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019063 +[Abstract](369) +[HTML](228) +[PDF](493.78KB)
Global existence of weak solution in a chemotaxis-fluid system with nonlinear diffusion and rotational flux
Feng Li and Yuxiang Li
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019064 +[Abstract](413) +[HTML](227) +[PDF](521.48KB)
Effects of the noise level on nonlinear stochastic fractional heat equations
Kexue Li
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019065 +[Abstract](471) +[HTML](200) +[PDF](443.52KB)
Emergence of large densities and simultaneous blow-up in a two-species chemotaxis system with competitive kinetics
Yan Li
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019066 +[Abstract](383) +[HTML](189) +[PDF](448.04KB)
Simulation of a simple particle system interacting through hitting times
Vadim Kaushansky and Christoph Reisinger
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019067 +[Abstract](356) +[HTML](211) +[PDF](1238.78KB)
Low Mach number limit of strong solutions for 3-D full compressible MHD equations with Dirichlet boundary condition
Lan Zeng, Guoxi Ni and Yingying Li
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019068 +[Abstract](386) +[HTML](209) +[PDF](470.94KB)
Fully decoupled schemes for the coupled Schrödinger-KdV system
Jiaxiang Cai, Juan Chen and Bin Yang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019069 +[Abstract](449) +[HTML](192) +[PDF](609.73KB)
Maintaining gene expression levels by positive feedback in burst size in the presence of infinitesimal delay
Pavol Bokes
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019070 +[Abstract](330) +[HTML](194) +[PDF](713.57KB)
Existence and approximation of strong solutions of SDEs with fractional diffusion coefficients
Hao Yang, Fuke Wu and Peter E. Kloeden
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019071 +[Abstract](476) +[HTML](200) +[PDF](403.35KB)
Interplay of time-delay and velocity alignment in the Cucker-Smale model on a general digraph
Jiu-Gang Dong, Seung-Yeal Ha and Doheon Kim
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019072 +[Abstract](439) +[HTML](199) +[PDF](840.22KB)
Minimal forward random point attractors need not exist
Michael Scheutzow
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019073 +[Abstract](327) +[HTML](177) +[PDF](196.26KB)
Cell-type switches induced by stochastic histone modification inheritance
Rongsheng Huang and Jinzhi Lei
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019074 +[Abstract](449) +[HTML](233) +[PDF](979.17KB)
Exponential convergence for the 3D stochastic cubic Ginzburg-Landau equation with degenerate noise
Yan Zheng and Jianhua Huang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019075 +[Abstract](394) +[HTML](206) +[PDF](412.17KB)
Spatial dynamics of a Lotka-Volterra model with a shifting habitat
Yueding Yuan, Yang Wang and Xingfu Zou
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019076 +[Abstract](432) +[HTML](231) +[PDF](728.28KB)
Limiting behavior of trajectory attractors of perturbed reaction-diffusion equations
Gaocheng Yue
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019101 +[Abstract](166) +[HTML](92) +[PDF](466.51KB)
Existence and uniqueness of solutions to a family of semi-linear parabolic systems using coupled upper-lower solutions
Anne Mund, Christina Kuttler and Judith Pérez-Velázquez
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019102 +[Abstract](197) +[HTML](92) +[PDF](431.41KB)
Synchronization for stochastic differential equations with nonlinear multiplicative noise in the mean square sense
Zhen Li and Jicheng Liu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019103 +[Abstract](185) +[HTML](111) +[PDF](471.16KB)
Asymptotic behavior of random lattice dynamical systems and their Wong-Zakai approximations
Anhui Gu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019104 +[Abstract](171) +[HTML](88) +[PDF](598.09KB)
Impacts of noise on heat equations
Guangying Lv and Hongjun Gao
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019105 +[Abstract](147) +[HTML](103) +[PDF](398.87KB)
A note on the stochastic Ericksen-Leslie equations for nematic liquid crystals
Zdzisław Brzeźniak, Erika Hausenblas and Paul André Razafimandimby
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019106 +[Abstract](176) +[HTML](100) +[PDF](523.62KB)
Almost periodic dynamical behaviors of the hematopoiesis model with mixed discontinuous harvesting terms
Fanchao Kong and Juan J. Nieto
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019107 +[Abstract](156) +[HTML](133) +[PDF](1511.54KB)
Strong convergence of neutral stochastic functional differential equations with two time-scales
Junhao Hu and Chenggui Yuan
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019108 +[Abstract](206) +[HTML](95) +[PDF](392.47KB)
Modelling the effects of contaminated environments in mainland China on seasonal HFMD infections and the potential benefit of a pulse vaccination strategy
Jinyan Wang, Yanni Xiao and Robert A. Cheke
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019109 +[Abstract](177) +[HTML](127) +[PDF](784.01KB)
Quasi sure exponential stabilization of nonlinear systems via intermittent $ G $-Brownian motion
Yong Ren and Wensheng Yin
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019110 +[Abstract](164) +[HTML](95) +[PDF](401.64KB)
On the limit cycles of planar discontinuous piecewise linear differential systems with a unique equilibrium
Shimin Li and Jaume Llibre
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019111 +[Abstract](183) +[HTML](163) +[PDF](607.94KB)
Analysis of minimizers of the Lawrence-Doniach energy for superconductors in applied fields
Patricia Bauman and Guanying Peng
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019112 +[Abstract](156) +[HTML](91) +[PDF](471.71KB)
Almost periodic solutions and stable solutions for stochastic differential equations
Yong Li, Zhenxin Liu and Wenhe Wang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019113 +[Abstract](173) +[HTML](92) +[PDF](394.28KB)
Asymptotic behavior of an SIR reaction-diffusion model with a linear source
Keng Deng
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019114 +[Abstract](187) +[HTML](104) +[PDF](357.18KB)
Upper semicontinuity of random attractors for the stochastic non-autonomous suspension bridge equation with memory
Ling Xu, Jianhua Huang and Qiaozhen Ma
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019115 +[Abstract](181) +[HTML](87) +[PDF](505.88KB)
Stable solution induced by domain geometry in the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions on surfaces of revolution
Maicon Sônego
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019116 +[Abstract](211) +[HTML](89) +[PDF](279.4KB)
Dynamic transitions and stability for the acetabularia whorl formation
Yiqiu Mao, Dongming Yan and ChunHsien Lu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019117 +[Abstract](153) +[HTML](96) +[PDF](2218.77KB)
Bautin bifurcation in delayed reaction-diffusion systems with application to the segel-jackson model
Yuxiao Guo and Ben Niu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019118 +[Abstract](169) +[HTML](105) +[PDF](792.31KB)
Applying battelli-fečkan's method to transversal heteroclinic bifurcation in piecewise smooth systems
Yurong Li and Zhengdong Du
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019119 +[Abstract](193) +[HTML](101) +[PDF](598.97KB)
Coexisting hidden attractors in a 5D segmented disc dynamo with three types of equilibria
Jianghong Bao, Dandan Chen, Yongjian Liu and Hongbo Deng
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019130 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](5061.7KB)
Ground state solutions of fractional Schrödinger equations with potentials and weak monotonicity condition on the nonlinear term
Chao Ji
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019131 +[Abstract](254) +[HTML](120) +[PDF](434.64KB)
A Max-Cut approximation using a graph based MBO scheme
Blaine Keetch and Yves Van Gennip
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019132 +[Abstract](17) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](1739.92KB)
Global weak solution to the quantum Navier-Stokes-Landau-Lifshitz equations with density-dependent viscosity
Guangwu Wang and Boling Guo
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019133 +[Abstract](21) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](476.43KB)
Linearized stability for abstract functional differential equations subject to state-dependent delays with applications
Jitai Liang, Ben Niu and Junjie Wei
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019134 +[Abstract](23) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](497.83KB)
An interface-free multi-scale multi-order model for traffic flow
Emiliano Cristiani and Elisa Iacomini
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019135 +[Abstract](23) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](4072.09KB)
Portfolio optimization and model predictive control: A kinetic approach
Torsten Trimborn, Lorenzo Pareschi and Martin Frank
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019136 +[Abstract](25) +[HTML](18) +[PDF](1450.85KB)
Analysis of a reaction diffusion model for a reservoir supported spread of infectious disease
W. E. Fitzgibbon and J. J. Morgan
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019137 +[Abstract](20) +[HTML](10) +[PDF](402.08KB)
Dynamics of a chemostat system with two patches
Shikun Wang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019138 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](250.89KB)
Bifurcation analysis of a mosquito population model for proportional releasing sterile mosquitoes
Liming Cai, Jicai Huang, Xinyu Song and Yuyue Zhang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019139 +[Abstract](18) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](1666.36KB)
Effects of migration on vector-borne diseases with forward and backward stage progression
Derdei Mahamat Bichara
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019140 +[Abstract](58) +[HTML](36) +[PDF](939.37KB)
Efficient numerical schemes for two-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau equation in superconductivity
Linghua Kong, Liqun Kuang and Tingchun Wang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019141 +[Abstract](20) +[HTML](17) +[PDF](1784.28KB)
On the $ L^p $ regularity of solutions to the generalized Hunter-Saxton system
Jaeho Choi, Nitin Krishna, Nicole Magill and Alejandro Sarria
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019142 +[Abstract](21) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](436.91KB)
Dynamics of a stochastic hepatitis C virus system with host immunity
Tao Feng, Zhipeng Qiu and Xinzhu Meng
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019143 +[Abstract](19) +[HTML](15) +[PDF](616.89KB)
A hybrid method for stiff reaction–diffusion equations
Yuchi Qiu, Weitao Chen and Qing Nie
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019144 +[Abstract](20) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](686.76KB)
Global bounded and unbounded solutions to a chemotaxis system with indirect signal production
Philippe Laurençot
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019145 +[Abstract](27) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](500.0KB)
Second-order linear structure-preserving modified finite volume schemes for the regularized long wave equation
Qi Hong, Jialing Wang and Yuezheng Gong
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019146 +[Abstract](29) +[HTML](10) +[PDF](756.0KB)
Traveling waves in a chemotaxis model with logistic growth
Tong Li and Jeungeun Park
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019147 +[Abstract](24) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](492.11KB)
Non-oscillation principle for eventually competitive and cooperative systems
Lin Niu and Yi Wang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019148 +[Abstract](22) +[HTML](10) +[PDF](414.81KB)
On the 1D modeling of fluid flowing through a Junction
Rinaldo M. Colombo and Mauro Garavello
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019149 +[Abstract](23) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](537.93KB)
Centers of discontinuous piecewise smooth quasi–homogeneous polynomial differential systems
Hebai Chen, Jaume Llibre and Yilei Tang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019150 +[Abstract](33) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](443.78KB)
Multi-scale modeling of processes in porous media - coupling reaction-diffusion processes in the solid and the fluid phase and on the separating interfaces
Markus Gahn
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019151 +[Abstract](23) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](456.03KB)
Stability in measure for uncertain heat equations
Xiangfeng Yang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019152 +[Abstract](19) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](295.12KB)
Cyclicity of $ (1,3) $-switching FF type equilibria
Xingwu Chen, Jaume Llibre and Weinian Zhang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019153 +[Abstract](21) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](351.81KB)
Nonlinear decomposition principle and fundamental matrix solutions for dynamic compartmental systems
Huseyin Coskun
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019155 +[Abstract](545) +[HTML](119) +[PDF](988.93KB)
Coinfection in a stochastic model for bacteriophage systems
Xavier Bardina, Sílvia Cuadrado and Carles Rovira
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019158 +[Abstract](9) +[HTML](21) +[PDF](298.2KB)
On the dynamics of a durable commodity market
Jose S. Cánovas and María Muñoz-Guillermo
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019159 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](559.84KB)
Continuity for the rotation-two-component Camassa-Holm system
Chenghua Wang, Rong Zeng, Shouming Zhou, Bin Wang and Chunlai Mu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019160 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](8) +[PDF](399.87KB)
GRE methods for nonlinear model of evolution equation and limited ressource environment
Philippe Michel and Bhargav Kumar Kakumani
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019161 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](8) +[PDF](399.84KB)
Boundary perturbations and steady states of structured populations
Àngel Calsina and József Z. Farkas
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019162 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](403.26KB)
Trait selection and rare mutations: The case of large diffusivities
Idriss Mazari
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019163 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](406.58KB)
Remark on exponential decay-in-time of global strong solutions to 3D inhomogeneous incompressible micropolar equations
Zhuan Ye
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019164 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](5) +[PDF](318.71KB)
Semidefinite approximations of invariant measures for polynomial systems
Victor Magron, Marcelo Forets and Didier Henrion
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019165 +[Abstract](21) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](890.09KB)
Remarks on basic reproduction ratios for periodic abstract functional differential equations
Tianhui Yang and Lei Zhang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019166 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](333.06KB)
Bifurcation analysis of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction system with branched sink
Juan Su, Bing Xu and Lan Zou
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019167 +[Abstract](10) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](7537.68KB)
Flocking of Cucker-Smale model with intrinsic dynamics
Lining Ru and Xiaoping Xue
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019168 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](475.1KB)
On global existence and blow-up for damped stochastic nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Jianbo Cui, Jialin Hong and Liying Sun
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019169 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](5) +[PDF](396.35KB)
Singular perturbations and scaling
Christian Lax and Sebastian Walcher
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019170 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](8) +[PDF](399.1KB)
Quasi-periodic solutions for a class of beam equation system
Yanling Shi and Junxiang Xu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019171 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](17) +[PDF](446.77KB)
Pullback exponential attractors for the three dimensional non-autonomous Navier-Stokes equations with nonlinear damping
Fang Li and Bo You
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019172 +[Abstract](17) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](398.7KB)
Qualitative analysis on an SIS epidemic reaction-diffusion model with mass action infection mechanism and spontaneous infection in a heterogeneous environment
Chengxia Lei, Jie Xiong and Xinhui Zhou
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019173 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](8) +[PDF](332.95KB)
Detailed analytic study of the compact pairwise model for SIS epidemic propagation on networks
Noémi Nagy and Péter L. Simon
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019174 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](9) +[PDF](410.32KB)
Stochastic partial differential equation models for spatially dependent predator-prey equations
Nhu N. Nguyen and George Yin
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019175 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](14) +[PDF](402.03KB)
Krylov implicit integration factor method for a class of stiff reaction-diffusion systems with moving boundaries
Shuang Liu and Xinfeng Liu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019176 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](10) +[PDF](433.75KB)
Some remarks on the Robust Stackelberg controllability for the heat equation with controls on the boundary
Víctor Hernández-Santamaría and Liliana Peralta
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019177 +[Abstract](11) +[HTML](10) +[PDF](479.52KB)
Boundedness and stabilization in a two-species chemotaxis system with two chemicals
Liangchen Wang, Jing Zhang, Chunlai Mu and Xuegang Hu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019178 +[Abstract](15) +[HTML](21) +[PDF](475.99KB)
Global attractor of multi-valued operators with applications to a strongly damped nonlinear wave equation without uniqueness
Zhiming Liu and Zhijian Yang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019179 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](7) +[PDF](330.34KB)
Analytical formula and dynamic profile of mRNA distribution
Feng Jiao, Jian Ren and Jianshe Yu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019180 +[Abstract](16) +[HTML](11) +[PDF](1443.27KB)
Analysis of time-domain Maxwell's equations in biperiodic structures
Gang Bao, Bin Hu, Peijun Li and Jue Wang
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019181 +[Abstract](12) +[HTML](12) +[PDF](422.06KB)
Advances in the LaSalle-type theorems for stochastic functional differential equations with infinite delay
Ya Wang, Fuke Wu, Xuerong Mao and Enwen Zhu
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019182 +[Abstract](13) +[HTML](13) +[PDF](309.89KB)
Pullback exponential attractors for differential equations with variable delays
Hammamia Mohamed Ali, Lassaad Mchiria, Sana Netchaoui and Stefanie Sonner
2019doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019183 +[Abstract](14) +[HTML](14) +[PDF](349.5KB)
Derivation of viscous Saint-Venant system for laminar shallow water; Numerical validation
Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau and Benoit Perthame
2001, 1(1) : 89-102 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2001.1.89 +[Abstract](2849) +[PDF](239.9KB) Cited By(102)
Optimal control of treatments in a two-strain tuberculosis model
E. Jung, Suzanne Lenhart and Z. Feng
2002, 2(4) : 473-482 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2002.2.473 +[Abstract](2548) +[PDF](139.6KB) Cited By(92)
Analysis of upscaling absolute permeability
X.H. Wu, Y. Efendiev and Thomas Y. Hou
2002, 2(2) : 185-204 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2002.2.185 +[Abstract](2075) +[PDF](226.2KB) Cited By(71)
Fisher waves in an epidemic model
Xiao-Qiang Zhao and Wendi Wang
2004, 4(4) : 1117-1128 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2004.4.1117 +[Abstract](2219) +[PDF](197.7KB) Cited By(62)
Optimal control of vector-borne diseases: Treatment and prevention
Kbenesh Blayneh, Yanzhao Cao and Hee-Dae Kwon
2009, 11(3) : 587-611 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2009.11.587 +[Abstract](2817) +[PDF](596.7KB) Cited By(59)
Dynamics of a HIV-1 Infection model with cell-mediated immune response and intracellular delay
Huiyan Zhu and Xingfu Zou
2009, 12(2) : 511-524 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2009.12.511 +[Abstract](2183) +[PDF](264.3KB) Cited By(59)
Modelling and analysis of integrated pest management strategy
Sanyi Tang and Lansun Chen
2004, 4(3) : 759-768 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2004.4.759 +[Abstract](2704) +[PDF](161.3KB) Cited By(49)
Wide stencil finite difference schemes for the elliptic Monge-Ampère equation and functions of the eigenvalues of the Hessian
Adam M. Oberman
2008, 10(1) : 221-238 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2008.10.221 +[Abstract](1979) +[PDF](2040.6KB) Cited By(48)
A parameterization method for the computation of invariant tori and their whiskers in quasi-periodic maps: Numerical algorithms
Àlex Haro and Rafael de la Llave
2006, 6(6) : 1261-1300 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2006.6.1261 +[Abstract](1536) +[PDF](479.5KB) Cited By(46)
Infinite propagation speed for a two component Camassa-Holm equation
David Henry
2009, 12(3) : 597-606 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2009.12.597 +[Abstract](1949) +[PDF](181.0KB) Cited By(46)
Positive solutions to the unstirred chemostat model with Crowley-Martin functional response
Hai-Xia Li, Jian-Hua Wu, Yan-Ling Li and Chun-An Liu
2018, 23(8) : 2951-2966 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2017128 +[Abstract](4142) +[HTML](711) +[PDF](481.89KB) PDF Downloads(328)
Fractional Navier-Stokes equations
Jan W. Cholewa and Tomasz Dlotko
2018, 23(8) : 2967-2988 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2017149 +[Abstract](4243) +[HTML](1084) +[PDF](566.06KB) PDF Downloads(302)
The averaging method for multivalued SDEs with jumps and non-Lipschitz coefficients
Wei Mao, Liangjian Hu, Surong You and Xuerong Mao
2019, 24(9) : 4937-4954 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019039 +[Abstract](1121) +[HTML](368) +[PDF](433.24KB) PDF Downloads(266)
Global existence and stability in a two-species chemotaxis system
Huanhuan Qiu and Shangjiang Guo
2019, 24(4) : 1569-1587 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018220 +[Abstract](1858) +[HTML](731) +[PDF](1079.83KB) PDF Downloads(250)
Spreading speed and traveling waves for a non-local delayed reaction-diffusion system without quasi-monotonicity
Zhenguo Bai and Tingting Zhao
2018, 23(10) : 4063-4085 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018126 +[Abstract](2437) +[HTML](619) +[PDF](519.85KB) PDF Downloads(237)
Dynamics of weak solutions for the three dimensional Navier-Stokes equations with nonlinear damping
Fang Li, Bo You and Yao Xu
2018, 23(10) : 4267-4284 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018137 +[Abstract](2112) +[HTML](521) +[PDF](488.66KB) PDF Downloads(228)
A stochastic SIRI epidemic model with Lévy noise
Badr-eddine Berrhazi, Mohamed El Fatini, Tomás Caraballo and Roger Pettersson
2018, 23(6) : 2415-2431 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018057 +[Abstract](3686) +[HTML](787) +[PDF](2371.8KB) PDF Downloads(226)
On a free boundary problem for a nonlocal reaction-diffusion model
Jia-Feng Cao, Wan-Tong Li and Meng Zhao
2018, 23(10) : 4117-4139 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018128 +[Abstract](2356) +[HTML](566) +[PDF](474.87KB) PDF Downloads(201)
Stability analysis of a chemotherapy model with delays
Ismail Abdulrashid, Abdallah A. M. Alsammani and Xiaoying Han
2019, 24(3) : 989-1005 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2019002 +[Abstract](1519) +[HTML](133) +[PDF](543.61KB) PDF Downloads(197)
Existence and uniqueness of solutions of free boundary problems in heterogeneous environments
Mingxin Wang
2019, 24(2) : 415-421 doi: 10.3934/dcdsb.2018179 +[Abstract](2137) +[HTML](394) +[PDF](328.44KB) PDF Downloads(194)

2018  Impact Factor: 1.008




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