The AIMS Announces 2016 International Conference

July 01 - July -5, 2016

Orlando, Florida, USA

The American Institute of Mathematical Sciences is announcing its 11th International Conference! You are cordially invited to participate in the 2016 AIMS international Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, which will take place from July 1st through July 5th, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, USA, at the resort of Hyatt Regency Orlando.

Plenary Speakers
Suncica Canic (USA) Alessio Figalli (USA) Irene Fonseca (USA)
Martin Hairer (UK) Anatole Katok (USA)
Manuel de Leon (Spain) Wei-Ming Ni (USA) Stan Osher (USA) Hal Smith (USA) Gang Tian (China)

Scientific Committee:
Shouchuan Hu (chair)
John Ball Jerry Bona William Bray
Alberto Bressan Gunduz Danielle Hilhorst
Peter Lax Alain Miranvill Roger Temam
Enrico Valdinoci Marcelo Viana

Organizing Committee:
Xin Lu (chair)  
Yaw Chang Wei Feng Michael Freeze
Beth Casper (Administrative Assistant)