Guidelines for Special Sessions

Having diversified and well organized special sessions of high quality is the key to the success of the AIMS conferences. Therefore, it is certainly a recognition to speak at such a special session. The following information is intended for session organizers and their invited speakers. Considering the various services the Conference/Resort will provide each participant and the corresponding costs, all session organizers and the speakers are supposed to register and pay the registration fees. Therefore, session organizers may want to clarify this policy when invitations to speakers are issued.

Here are some details of the guidelines

  1. All session organizers and speakers are expected to register and pay the registration fees;

  2. Each paid parcipant may not present more than 2 talks in the Conference. Thus, it is important that session organizers mention this policy in their invitation to speakers;

  3. Each special session may have a minimum of 12 speakers. Exceptions may be made;

  4. Some proposed special sessions of close topics could be combined;

  5. Considering the magnitude of the Conference and the large number of special sessions, each special session should allow some flexibility of the scheduling of its talks;

  6. Session organizers need to prepare an abstract, together with the title of the session, to be sent as soon as ready to General@aimSciences.org;

  7. Further information will be posted here to explain how session organizers can update the information online, directly, of their sessions.

The Hyatt Grand Cypress Resort as the official host of the Congress. Much care has been taken to provide a location with many things to offer not only for the participants but also their families at affordable prices in a prime location. The Hyatt offers all meeting facilities as well as hotel accommodations. The city of Orlando offers two international airports.