About AIMS

The American Institute of Mathematical Sciences is an international organization for the advancement and dissemination of mathematical sciences. AIMS promotes mathematical science education through its publications and conferences. The mission of AIMS is to foster and enhance interactions among a broad spectrum of mathematicians and scientists worldwide.

AIMS is primarily focused on serving mathematicians and scientists sharing a common interest in differential equations, dynamical systems, and their wide-range applications to sciences and engineering through analysis, modeling and computations.

AIMS acknowledges the continuing participation and support of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, for which we are grateful.

Dr. Shouchuan Hu, Director
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences
P.O. Box 2604
Springfield, MO 65801, USA
E-mail: general@aimsciences.org
Phone & fax: (417) 886-0559

Dr. Xin Lu, Associate Director
Phone: (910) 962-3673
Fax: (910) 962-7107
E-mail: lux@aimsciences.org

Ms. Liwei Ning, Editorial Manager
E-mail: editorial@aimsciences.org

Ms. Susan Cummins, Publication Editor
E-mail: journal@aimsciences.org
Phone & fax: (417) 351-3204

Mr Le Qiao Web Master
E-mail: web@aimsciences.org

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